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Student 2017/18 - Articulation

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Student 2017/18

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Short nameARTICLN

This field identifies:
• whether a student has been admitted to the current instance with advanced standing;
• whether the student is on one of the places for which SFC have provided additional funding to increase levels of articulation.

Applicable toScotland

All entrants to providers in Scotland where EntryProfile.DOMICILE = XF, XG, XH, XI, XK, XL, GG, JE, IM and on courses where Course.COURSEAIM = M22, M26, M28, H00, H11, H16, H18, H22, H23, I00, I11, I16 and Instance.REDUCEDI = 00 or 04 and Instance.COMDATE is after 2007-07-31 and Instance.INTERCALATE is not 01.

Valid entries and labels
1Articulating student: Previous HNC obtained at an FEC
2Articulating student: Previous HNC obtained at a HEP (including UHI)
3Articulating student: Previous HND obtained at an FEC
4Articulating student: Previous HND obtained at a HEP (including UHI)
5Student on one of the additional places funded by the SFC for articulation
7First degree level student who is/was not articulating in this programme
8Information sought but not known

In the case of students admitted with advanced standing, this is on the basis of an HND/HNC qualification previously obtained and that the student has not previously studied at degree or postgraduate level.

In the case of students on one of the places for which SFC have provided additional funding to increase levels of articulation, these students will study at a further education college for the first one or two years of their programme, but will have ‘associate student’ status with the provider during this time.

The information for this field should come from the provider’s admissions office and reflect the reasons why a student has been granted advanced standing i.e. is allowed to start part-way through the course. This might be under a formal articulation arrangement for the course, but will include any advanced entry based on an HND/HNC qualification (including partial completion) where the student has never studied at degree level.

Where previous qualifications/HE experience is not known some students may have to be asked a direct question along the lines of: "Have you ever started a degree level course before?" those answering 'yes' would not be regarded as articulating for this field. The outcome of any previous study is not relevant to this particular field nor is whether the degree level study was before or after obtaining the HND/HNC.

All first degree students should have one of the codes 1 to 8.

Code 7 'First degree level student who is/was not articulating in this programme' covers both students coming in with qualifications other than HND/HNC and also those who are coming in with those qualifications but who are excluded on the grounds of having previously started a course at degree level.

Additional articulation places scheme

Students studying under the additional articulation places scheme should be included in the return with a single Instance.NUMHUS covering the full duration of the course. For example, a student commences a four-year degree programme at Poppleton University on 01 September 2013, with the first two years being undertaken at a Poppleton College. The student would appear in the return as follows:

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
Course.COURSEAIM H00 H00 H00 H00
Module.TINST Poppleton College's UKPRN Poppleton College's UKPRN Not returned Not returned
Module.PCOLAB 100 100 Not returned Not returned
Instance.COMDATE 01/09/2013 01/09/2013 01/09/2013 01/09/2013
Instance.NUMHUS 1 1 1 1
Instance.SPLENGTH 4 4 4 4
Instance.FUNDCODE 1 1 1 1

The Entry Profile information returned must reflect the start date of the instance and not the point at which the student moves to the HEP. EntryProfile.ARTICLN should be returned as 5 'Student on one of the additional places funded by the SFC for articulation'.

This scheme funds places rather than students directly; as a consequence providers may allow another student to be substituted onto the course if the original articulating student fails to continue. Where a student withdraws from the programme and is thus substituted with an alternative student, the new student should be recorded as at the point they are substituted in i.e. the entry profile will need to reflect the latest position at the point of substitution.

Quality rules
Quality rules relating to this field are displayed here.
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Field length1
Minimum occurrences0
Maximum occurrences1
Schema components
Element: ARTICLN
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