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Student 2017/18 - Collaborating organisation

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Student 2017/18

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Collaborating organisation

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valid entries
Short nameCOLLORG

This field identifies a collaborating organisation providing significant input to a course.

Applicable toEngland

All courses at providers in England where Course.REDUCEDC = 00 except where Course.COURSEAIM = D00, D90, L00, L80, L90 or L91.

Valid entries and labels
0000No collaborating organisation
1000Large private company
2000Small or medium enterprise (SME)
3000Overseas education provider
4000Other UK education provider - private
5000Other UK education provider - public sector
7000Other public sector organisation
9900Multiple collaborators of different types

Office for Students will be developing new funding routes for collaborative provision and consequently needs information about the types of organisations providers collaborate with. In future it may be necessary to expand this coding frame to collect detailed information about individual named organisations.

Collaboration with external organisations should only be included where the external organisation has made a significant input to the course that affects the course for all, or nearly all, students on the course. This could include:

  • Input to course content/curriculum or assessment
  • Contribution to the startup or ongoing costs of the course, this may include sponsoring a number of places on the course but would exclude paying the fees for individual students on the course
  • Provision of work based or project work opportunities
  • A significant and ongoing contribution of staff time and/or resources to support course delivery

Collaboration does not cover the following activities:

  • Franchised provision
  • Input to course and curriculum design by professional bodies
  • Language years abroad and exchange programmes.
Quality rules
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Part of
Field length4
Minimum occurrences0
Maximum occurrences1
Schema components
Element: COLLORG
Date modified2017-07-27
Change management notesThe coverage has been updated to exclude Course.COURSEAIM valid entry D01 'New Route PhD that meets the criteria for a research-based higher degree'.

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