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Student 2017/18 - Number of days spent in placement school

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Student 2017/18

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Number of days spent in placement school

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Short namePLMNTDYS

This field describes the number of days spent at a particular placement school.

Applicable toEngland

All ITTPlacement entities.


Training programmes are designed to provide trainee teachers with sufficient time being trained in schools, early years and/or further education settings to enable them to demonstrate that they have met all the standards for QTS. This means they would typically be structured to include at least the following periods of time to be spent in training in schools, early years or further education settings:

  • A four year undergraduate programme - 160 days (32 weeks)
  • A one, two or three year undergraduate programme - 120 days (24 weeks)
  • A secondary graduate (non-salaried) programme - 120 days (24 weeks)
  • A primary graduate (non-salaried) programme - 120 days (24 weeks)
  • A salaried programme - As determined by the training programme

Extract from current ITT Criteria located on Gov.UK.

Note: If a trainee has been to more than five placements, they should return the five they were at for the longest period of time.

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Field length3
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Maximum occurrences1
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Data type: ThreeDigitType
OwnerDepartment for Education

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