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Student 2017/18 - Student support eligibility

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Student 2017/18

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Student support eligibility

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Short nameSSELIG

This field indicates whether the student instance is eligible for student support, ie. the student is eligible for support for the course for the academic year.

Applicable toEngland

All instances at alternative providers where Course.COURSEAIM begins with H, I, J, C or is M22, M26, M28, M71 or M73.

Valid entries and labels
1Eligible to receive student support
2Not eligible to receive student support

This field indicates whether the student instance is eligible for student support for the course for the academic year. All student instances should be assessed for eligibility.

Eligibility for student support is defined by the Education (Student Support) Regulations 2011, as amended. If a student meets the definition of eligibility given in these regulations, they should in general be returned as SSELIG = 1.

Students studying for an ELQ do not, in general, qualify for student support and should be returned as SSELIG = 2, unless they are subject to one of the exceptions given in the regulations. ELQ students who qualify for DSA (but not for tuition fee loans, or maintenance loans or grants) should also be returned as SSELIG = 2.

Some students may be eligible for student support, and yet not entitled to student support in a particular year (or possibly throughout their course), because of their study on a previous course. When this is the case, the students should be returned as SSELIG = 1. This allows better monitoring of potential take-up of student support, and is in keeping with the way the Student Number Control (SNC) has been set.

The coding of SSELIG should change between reporting periods only when a student's eligibility for student support has changed, typically because of changes to their nationality or residency.

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Field length1
Minimum occurrences0
Maximum occurrences1
Schema components
Element: SSELIG
Date modified2017-07-27
Change management notesThe coverage has been updated to include Course.COURSEAIM valid entry M73 'Postgraduate Diploma in Education'.

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