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Student record 2017/18 - Data collection schedule - Apprenticeship Standards

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Student record 2017/18 - Data collection schedule - ILR file for Apprenticeship Students

Version 1.1 Produced 2017-11-30

This page guides providers through the stages of data submission, where providers are using the HESA Data Collection system to generate an ILR file for submission to the ESFA. The files are submitted to the ESFA on a monthly basis, and do not replace the need for providers to submit retrospective, end-of-reporting year data to HESA as normal. Further guidance on Apprenticeships in the HESA Student record may be found here. The terms of the Data Processing Agreement may be found here. If these terms have not been accepted by an authorised signatory for your organisation do not submit Apprenticeship Standards data to HESA.

At a glance

July 2017 First release of the coding manual
Early August 2017 Validate data locally using validation kit
August 2017 Data collection system opens
September 2017 - October 2018 Monthly returns to the ILR

Detailed requirements

July 2017: First release of the coding manual

The first publication of the coding manual will be released in July 2017. The Data Specification will include the required schema and fields for returning Apprenticeships, and Further Guidance will include some supporting information about the process to help providers with submitting Apprenticeship students.

Early August 2017: Validate data locally using validation kit

The first version of the validation kit will be released in August 2017 and will be updated to include the schema for Apprenticeship Standards. Further versions will then be released between June and August including validation rules to enforce the coverage data items required for Apprenticeship Standards.

August 2017: Data collection system opens

The Data Collection system will open in August 2017 and will be available at The functionality will relate to Apprenticeship Standards including the ILR download file converted to the format compatible with the ILR by HESA.

September 2017-October 2018: Monthly Returns to ILR

Starting in September 2017, providers are required to make monthly returns to the ILR. The downloadable file produced by the HESA Data Collection System throughout this period will be in a format which can be uploaded to the ILR.

The deadlines for the submission of the ILR each month are available here

Need help?

Contact Liaison by email or on +44 (0)1242 388 531.