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Staff 2018/19 - Terms of employment

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Staff 2018/19

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Terms of employment

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Short nameTERMS

This field records the terms of employment of the contract

Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

All contracts

Valid entries and labels

This field should show the terms of employment at the return date or the end date of the contract if earlier.

Code 1 'Open-ended/Permanent' should be used for staff who are employed on a contract of employment that states the member of staff as permanent or on an open-ended contract. This includes term-time only staff who are employed on an open-ended contract and Contract.MOEMP must be coded either 2 'Full-time, term-time only' or 4 'Part-time, term-time only'

Code 2 'Fixed-term' should be used for staff who are employed for a fixed period of time or have an end date on their contract of employment. This includes staff on rolling fixed-term contracts.

Code 3 'Atypical' should include staff whose working arrangements are not permanent, involve complex employment relationships and/or involve work away from the supervision of the normal work provider. These may be characterised by a high degree of flexibility for both the work provider and the working person, and may involve a triangular relationship that includes an agent (source: DTI Discussion Document on Employment Status, July 2003, paragraph 23).

In addition to this definition from the DTI, some HE specific guidance has been devised by HESA in consultation with higher education providers (HEPs). Atypical contracts meet one or more of the following conditions:

  • Are for less than four consecutive weeks - meaning that no statement of terms and conditions needs to be issued.
  • Are for one-off/short-term tasks - for example answering phones during clearing, staging an exhibition, organising a conference. There is no mutual obligation between the work provider and working person beyond the given period of work or project. In some cases individuals will be paid a fixed fee for the piece of work unrelated to hours/time spent.
  • Involve work away from the supervision of the normal work provider - but not as part of teaching company schemes or for teaching and research supervision associated with the provision of distance learning education.
  • Involve a high degree of flexibility often in a contract to work as-and-when required - for example conference catering, student ambassadors, student demonstrators.

For staff on probation this is not in itself a reason for coding their terms of employment as temporary rather than permanent.

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Element: TERMS

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