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Initial Teacher Training 2018/19 - Entry route

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Initial Teacher Training 2018/19

Fields required from institutions in England

Entry route

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valid entries
Short nameENTRYRTE

This field describes the route by which the student has accessed Initial Teacher Training provision.

Applicable toEngland

All students.

Valid entries and labels
02School Direct tuition fee
03School Direct salaried
09Undergraduate Opt-in
10Postgraduate teaching apprenticeship

Some types of entry listed within Student.INITIATIVES are associated with those above e.g. Student.INITIATIVES valid entry P 'Abridged ITT course' is a subset of Student.ENTRYRTE valid entry 03 'School Direct salaried'.

School Direct Training Programme

School Direct Training Programme records must now be coded using valid entries 02 'School Direct tuition fee' or 03 'School Direct salaried'.


This should include any other courses, that are not Early Years Initial Teacher Training or School Direct Training Programmes. Also known as "Core", "Mainstream" or "Provider-led"

Information on the differing routes into teaching can be found at the Get into Teaching website.

Undergraduate Opt-in

Undergraduate students on select courses now have the option to additionally incorporate Initial Teacher Training (ITT) into their course, leading to the recommendation of qualified teacher status (QTS). DfE will be funding these students in their ITT year(s), and the Office for Students will not. Therefore, HEPs will be required to record these students from the first year of the commencement of their ITT course within the ITT record. These students will be eligible for an Undergradaute Bursary (Student.BURSLEV = B).

Students in maths, physics, computing or languages that commence their ‘opt-in’ ITT course in academic year 2017 to 2018 will receive a bursary from the DfE. Those on a Bachelor’s course will receive £9,000 in their final year, those on an opt-in course that leads to a Masters qualification will receive £9,000 in their penultimate and final year. To ensure bursaries are received in the correct academic year it is important that records reflect the year of undergraduate study the student is on, the length of the course and if the course leads to a Bachelor’s or Masters degree.

The above 'Opt-in' scheme should NOT be confused with another Undergraduate bursary which is available for trainees on courses in secondary mathematics and physics that lead to QTS. That bursary is available to undergraduate trainees who enroll on a QTS course beginning in the 2017 to 2018 academic year (as opposed to those who 'opt-in' part way through their undergraduate study). These trainees will qualify for an undergraduate bursary (Student.BURSLEV valid entry B 'Undergraduate bursary') but should NOT be recorded with Student.ENTRYRTE valid entry 09 'Undergraduate Opt-in' in order to distinguish them.

See Student.BURSLEV for more information on how to code Undergraduate bursaries.

Postgraduate teaching apprenticeship

Students studying on the postgraduate teaching apprenticeship route may begin the apprenticeship element of their course on a different date to the ITT course. This will allow providers to submit the students only when they begin the ITT course, rather than when they begin the apprenticeship. This will only be required for students on the new apprenticeship route (new Student.ENTRYRTE=10) where the start date of the ITT course differs from the start date of the apprenticeship.

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Field length2
Minimum occurrences1
Maximum occurrences1
Schema components
OwnerDepartment for Education
Change management notesValid entry '10 - Postgraduate teaching apprenticeship' has been added as per the Notification of changes.

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