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Student 2020/21 - Credits points counted towards study

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Student 2020/21

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Credits points counted towards study

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Short nameCRDPTSTU

This field indicates the number of credit points being used from a previous award towards the student’s current study.

Applicable toEngland

All EntryProfile entities at providers in England where applicable.


Where a student uses credits from a previous award or APEL towards their current study, this field records the number of credits. This is used in combination with EntryProfile.CRDSCM which records the relevant credit scheme and EntryProfile.APELCRD which is returned where the credits are the result of APEL.

This credit could have been awarded by the reporting provider as part of a previous Instance. If the student is using previous credit to count towards their current Instance, this should be recorded.

Where the student has a previous formal award, rather than credits, this would not be recorded in this field. For example, if a student completed a foundation degree at provider A before moving to provider B to complete a top-up, the credits for the foundation degree would not be recorded in this field. If the foundation degree was the student’s highest qualification this would be recorded in EntryProfile.QUALENT3. Where a student enters with a full qualification but is only let off part of the equivalent amount of their new course then the provider would still need to only return the EntryProfile.QUALENT3 and not the credit information. For example, a student signing up for a three year degree enters with a CertHE but the provider will only count 30 of the 120 credits of the CertHE towards the degree.

Fractional credit points should be rounded to the nearest whole number.


  • A student completes a module worth 30 CATS credits at provider A and is awarded the credits. They then transfer to provider B and those 30 credits count towards their study with provider B. EntryProfile.CRDPTSTU would be returned as 30 with EntryProfile.CRDSCM = 01.
  • As a result of APEL, a student is not required to complete a module that is usually required for their course at a provider. The module is worth 60 CATS credits. EntryProfile.CRDPTSTU would be returned as 60 with EntryProfile.CRDSCM = 01 and EntryProfile.APELCRD = 01. A StudentOnModule record would not be returned for the APEL module.
  • A student is awarded an HND by provider A. The student then signs up to complete a top up at provider B with the aim of being awarded a first degree. This would not be recorded in the EntryProfile.CRDPTSTU as the HND is a qualification rather than credits.
Quality rules
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Reason required Being able to see where students are being allowed to transfer in credit previously achieved or use APEL to offset parts of their course will help the OfS understand where this type of activity happens and to ensure that choice and competition within the market drive innovation, diversity and improvement.
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Field length3
Minimum occurrences0
Maximum occurrences1
Schema components
Data type: CRDPTSTUType
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Date modified2021-08-20
Change management notesAdditional guidance added to clarify when CRDPTSTU should be returned for a students previous qualifications.

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