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This table lists changes and additions to the record specification and supporting documentation.

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Element Element version Notes Version Type of change  
GMC Assessment collection – FAQs 1.1 Update to GMC FAQs. This change relates to the legal basis for collection. Version 1.5 (2021-10-08) Documentation  
Support guide n/a A link has been added to the support guide for C20055. Version 1.4 (2021-09-20) Documentation  
Coverage of the record 1.1 Additional guidance has been added to the coverage to provide further clarification. Version 1.3 (2021-09-08) Documentation  
GMC Assessment collection – FAQs 1.0 First release of the FAQ guidance, added under the 'submission process and quality assurance' section. Version 1.3 (2021-09-08) Documentation  
Data collection schedule 1.0 The section 'video call with GMC' within the Data collection schedule has been amended from 'January/February 2021' to 'January - June 2021'. Additionally the date '19th November 2021 - Final data sent' has been removed and the date '30th November - Sign off' has been updated to '30th November - Final approval'. Version 1.2 (2021-06-23) Documentation  
GMC Assessment record 2020/21 1.1 The collection name has been updated from “Assessment Data record 2020/21” to “GMC Assessment record 2020/21”. Version 1.1 (2020-11-18) Field  
All table documentation 1.0 The full documentation for the C20055 Assessment Data Record tables has been added to the coding manual. Version 1.0 (2020-10-23) Field  
Data collection schedule 1.0 The Data collection schedule has been released under the Overview section. Version 1.0 (2020-10-23) Documentation  

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