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Unistats record 2023/24

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Unistats record 2023/24 - Data requirements for new courses

Version 1.0 Produced 2023-05-04

A course will need a Unistats record returned for the first time in the year that it is first taking applications (i.e. the year prior to the first students enrolling). For example, a course first running in 2024/25 will need to be included in the Unistats return from the 2023/24 collection. The information that can be included in Unistats initially will be limited and will increase over time as shown in the example in the table below.

Please note that data can be resubmitted at any time while the collection is open and should reflect the latest and most up to date information available.

An illustrative example of a new 3 year course beginning in 2024 can be found below:

* Where the provider already runs courses in the same CAH subject areas then NSS and Graduate Outcomes data for the subject will be published on Unistats until data for the course become available.

**If actual NSS and Graduate Outcomes data is not yet available, for example where the course has not yet had any graduates, subject level data will be published if available.

In the first year of returning a new course the provider will not need to complete the following Unistats entities for the course:

Providers will need to complete the following (in addition to appropriate accreditation and URL fields) as there is no corresponding data from the HESA Student or HESA Student Alternative, or the Individualised Learner Record (ILR):

Once the first cohort for the course has been returned to HESA in the Student or Student Alternative record, or via the Individualised Learner Record then the KISCourse.HECOS, KISCourse.LDCS and KISCourse.TTCID fields will no longer be required and can be replaced by links to the relevant course codes in HESACourse and ILRAims.

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