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Expected end date (EXPECTEDENDDATE)

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Key Value
Name Expected end date
Part of Student course session (StudentCourseSession)
Description This field records the expected end date for the StudentCourseSession.
Applicable to Scotland
Coverage All StudentCourseSessions at providers in Scotland.

The expected end date for the StudentCourseSession is recorded in this field. Once the StudentCourseSesion has ended the actual end date is recorded in StudentCourseSession.SCSENDDATE.

Once the StudentCourseSession.SCSENDDATE has been returned, the expected end date does not need to updated.

For example, if the StudentCourseSession is expected to end on 2020-06-01, this would be returned in the expected end date. If the student then left the StudentCourseSession early on 2020-01-02, the StudentCourseSession.SCSENDDATE would be returned as 2020-01-02 and the expected end date would not need to be updated so could remain as 2020-06-01.

Quality Rules Quality rules to follow
Optional? Yes
Reason required This field will be used to indicate if a Student Course Session is contained within an academic year and will be used to inform the allocation of student FTE to academic years.
Field Length 10 (in the format YYYY-MM-DD)

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