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What areas do they work in?

HE Staff Data What areas do they work in?

On this page: breakdowns by cost centre and sex, nationality, age group and source of salary, full-time equivalent

HESA considered performing a detailed analysis of potential COVID-19 impacts on this year's Staff record. However, since the Staff data is limited in scope, many of the hypotheses that one might wish to test would not be visible to us.
For example, press reports from 2020 and 2021 suggested that the switch to online delivery of courses resulted in significant additional effort for many staff. This hypothesis is difficult to test because HESA staff data does not permit straightforward linking of Staff records between years and contains very limited data on hours of work.

An initial analysis of the Staff data showed similar patterns to previous years and our analysis of Student data found limited impacts of COVID-19. We therefore decided not to undertake an in-depth analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on this year's Staff data.

The tables on this page break down staff numbers by cost centre (see full definition). Cost centres are an accounting concept used as a proxy for academic departments. All HE providers arrange their academic schools, faculties and departments differently. HESA cost centres are designed to be as comparable as possible between different providers.

Cost centre, sex and nationality

Chart 5 - Academic staff by cost centre group and sex

Academic years 2014/15 to 2021/22



Chart 6 - Academic staff by academic cost centre and sex

Academic years 2014/15 to 2021/22



Table 12 - HE academic staff by nationality and cost centre

Academic years 2014/15 to 2021/22


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Cost centre, age group and source of basic salary

Table 21 - HE academic staff by cost centre, and age group

Academic years 2014/15 to 2021/22

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Full-time equivalent

Full-time equivalent (FTE) indicates the proportion of a full-time year being undertaken over the course of the academic year 1 August to 31 July. This is different from the Full-person equivalent (FPE)  tables above which count staff employed on a snapshot date of 1 December. 

Table 11 - HE staff FTE by HE provider and cost centre

Academic years 2014/15 to 2021/22


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