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HESA Data Platform now live

The Data Futures programme is pleased to announce the HESA Data Platform (HDP) is now live and open for providers to submit data. The HDP launch marks a technological milestone in our sector-wide transformation programme for higher education (HE) data. 

Jisc has been the Data Futures technical delivery partner since March 2020 and HESA merged with Jisc in October 2022

The HESA Data Platform includes:

  • Improved interface and user experience, tested and refined with providers during the Alpha and Beta phases.
  • Automated quality assurance and supporting processes.
  • Online validation tool: increased quality rules and in-built data protection.

Providers will use the HDP to complete the May and August 2023 interim submissions ahead of the Student 22056 collection Return deadline in October. All providers have received identity system (IDS) roles to log in to the new system.

CEO, Heidi Fraser-Krauss, said:

“The HESA Data Platform is an achievement that helps us deliver integrated data and digital services across UK higher education. It demonstrates that the merger of Jisc and HESA has created an organisation with the expertise and resources to deliver solutions for the sector’s needs.”

Chief data officer, Rob Phillpotts, said:

“We have worked closely with Jisc since 2020 to deliver the HESA Data Platform (HDP) and I am delighted we have reached this significant milestone in the Data Futures programme.  

“The launch of the HDP is a resounding endorsement of what we can do as a combined force in the HE sector; we will continue our efforts to deliver the latest digital and data capabilities for our colleagues and customers.”

Data Futures programme director, Annette Vancil, said:

“The HDP supports the single data model and provides increased automation in the quality assurance process.

“We appreciate all the engagement from providers in the pilots, training and other activities. We will continue to support providers as they prepare for the first Student return using the new solution.”

Chief technology officer, Phil Richards, said:

“We’re delighted to launch the new HESA Data Platform. Its development, which took place during the pandemic, shows how organisations can work together and deliver digitally in the most challenging circumstances. 

“The new platform’s scalable cloud-native architecture has set a high bar for software development at Jisc and underpins other exciting new data and digital services for the sector.” 

Please contact [email protected] for your operational queries or [email protected] for any other queries.

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