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AP student record 2014/15 - Table of Contents

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AP student record 2014/15

Fields required from institutions in England

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Fields are displayed here by entity and sorted alphabetically by field description for ease of searching. The XSD ([RECID].xsd) defines the order that elements must appear in within submitted files. This is different to the order that they are presented within the coding manual.

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Provider :
Record type indicator (RECID)
Submission purpose (SUBPURPOSE)
UK Provider Reference Number (UKPRN)

Course :

Student :
Date of birth (BIRTHDTE)
Family name (SURNAME)
Forenames (FNAMES)
HESA unique student identifier (HUSID)
Provider's own identifier for student (OWNSTU)
Student Support Number (SSN)
Unique Learner Number (ULN)

Entry profile :

Instance :

Student equality :

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