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Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education record 2016/17

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Online DLHE file layout

Version 1.1 Produced 2017-04-28

The Online DLHE survey data can be downloaded from Bristol Online Survey (BOS). The questionnaire output files are available in the following file formats: fixed-length file (.TXT) and, comma separated value (.CSV)

In fixed length format, each field is left justified and padded out with spaces where necessary to the specified length.

Question Field name Description Element name in output Field length
N/A TIMESTMP Timestamp (YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss UTC) TIMESTMP 23
N/A Institution.RECID Record type indicator RECID 5
N/A Institution.UKPRN UK Provider Reference Number UKPRN 8
N/A PIN PIN number PIN 10
N/A OWNSTU Provider's own identifier for student OWNSTU 20
N/A Student.STATUS Status of data collection STATUS 2
N/A FNAMES Forenames FNAMES 100
N/A ADDRESS1 Address Line 1 ADDRESS1 50
N/A ADDRESS2 Address Line 2 ADDRESS2 50
N/A ADDRESS3 Address Line 3 ADDRESS3 50
N/A COUNTY County, Region or State COUNTY 50
N/A POSTCODE Postal or Zip Code POSTCODE 8
N/A EMAIL_ID Email address EMAIL_ID 80
N/A COURSE_STUDIED Title of course studied COURSE_STUDIED 255
Q1 Student.ALLACT1 All activities ALLACT 1
Q1 Student.ALLACT2 All activities ALLACT 1
Q1 Student.ALLACT4 All activities ALLACT 1
Q1 Student.ALLACT5 All activities ALLACT 1
Q1 Student.ALLACT6 All activities ALLACT 1
Q1 Student.ALLACT7 All activities ALLACT 1
Q1 Student.ALLACT8 All activities ALLACT 1
Q1 Student.ALLACT9 All activities ALLACT 1
Q1 Student.MIMPACT Most important activity MIMPACT 1
Q2 Employment.JOBSNO Number of jobs JOBSNO 1
Q3 Employment.JOBTITLE Job title JOBTITLE 60
Q4 Employment.JOBDUTIES Job duties JOBDUTIES 200
Q5 Employment.EMPBASIS Employment basis EMPBASIS 2
Q6 Employment.EMPPAY Pay EMPPAY 20
Q6 Employment.EMPUNPAID Unpaid work EMPUNPAID 1
Q7 Employment.EMPPAYPERIOD Payment period EMPPAYPERIOD 1
Q8 Employment.EMPCURRENCY Currency of pay EMPCURRENCY 1
Q9 Employment.EMPHOURS Hours worked per week EMPHOURS 5
Q10 Employment.ESTEARN Total estimated earnings for a year ESTEARN 7
Q11 Employment.EMPNAME Employer name EMPNAME 60
Q12 Employment.MAKEDO Nature of employer's business MAKEDO 60
Q13 Employment.EMPPLACE Place of employment EMPPLACE 200
Q13 Employment.EMPPCODE UK Postcode for place of employment EMPPCODE 8
Q13 Employment.EMPCOUNTRY Country of employment EMPCOUNTRY 2
Q14 Employment.NHSORG NHS organisation NHSORG 1
Q15 Employment.QUALREQ Qualification required for job QUALREQ 2
Q16 Employment.EMPIMP Importance to employer EMPIMP 1
Q17 Employment.JOBRSNALL1 All reasons for taking the job JOBRSNALL 2
Q17 Employment.JOBRSNALL2 All reasons for taking the job JOBRSNALL 2
Q17 Employment.JOBRSNALL3 All reasons for taking the job JOBRSNALL 2
Q17 Employment.JOBRSNALL4 All reasons for taking the job JOBRSNALL 2
Q17 Employment.JOBRSNALL5 All reasons for taking the job JOBRSNALL 2
Q17 Employment.JOBRSNALL6 All reasons for taking the job JOBRSNALL 2
Q17 Employment.JOBRSNALL7 All reasons for taking the job JOBRSNALL 2
Q17 Employment.JOBRSNALL8 All reasons for taking the job JOBRSNALL 2
Q17 Employment.JOBRSNALL9 All reasons for taking the job JOBRSNALL 2
Q17 Employment.JOBRSNMAIN Main reason for taking the job JOBRSNMAIN 2
Q18 Employment.JOBFOUND How found job JOBFOUND 2
Q19 Employment.PREVEM Previous employed PREVEM 1
Q20 Employment.PREVWORK1 Category of previous employment PREVWORK 2
Q20 Employment.PREVWORK2 Category of previous employment PREVWORK 2
Q20 Employment.PREVWORK3 Category of previous employment PREVWORK 2
Q20 Employment.PREVWORK4 Category of previous employment PREVWORK 2
Q20 Employment.PREVWORK5 Category of previous employment PREVWORK 2
Q20 Employment.PREVWORK6 Category of previous employment PREVWORK 2
Q20 Employment.PREVWORK7 Category of previous employment PREVWORK 2
N/A NONQTS No Newly Qualified Teacher Status NONQTS 1
Q21 Teaching.EMPLDTEACH Employed as a teacher EMPLDTEACH 1
Q22 Teaching.GTCSTIS GTC Scotland Teacher Induction Scheme GTCSTIS 1
Q23 Teaching.TEACHFUND Teaching funded TEACHFUND 1
Q24 Teaching.TEACHPHS Teaching phase TEACHPHS 1
Q25 Teaching.SEEKTEACH Seeking a teaching post SEEKTEACH 1
Q26 Study.TYPEQUAL Type of qualification TYPEQUAL 2
Q27 Study.COURSENAME Course name COURSENAME 200
Q28 Study.SUBJECT Subject of study SUBJECT 200
Q29 Study.UCNAME Name of university or college UCNAME 50
Q30 Study.STUDYFUND How funding further study STUDYFUND 2
Q31 Student.HEWORKEXP Higher education experience for work HEWORKEXP 1
Q32 Student.HESTUDYEXP Higher education experience for study HESTUDYEXP 1
Q33 Student.HEBUSNEXP Higher education experience for business HEBUSNEXP 1
N/A Student.OPTOUT Opt out from communications (1=Opted out) OPTOUT 1
N/A Student.APRJAN April or January survey (1=April, 2=January) APRJAN 1

For the telephone survey in BOS three new fields have been added to record the details of the telephone call:

  • Name of person making the call – name of member of staff making the call, Free text 80 characters
  • Name of Person spoken to – name of the person who answered the phone, Free text 80 characters
  • Time of call – time the call was made, Free text 16 characters, but suggested format is YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm

There will now be two output files in BOS, one for the Teaching/Non-Teaching template and the other for the Telephone survey. The additional fields for the Telephone survey have been added to the end of the output file.

Where data items have multiple occurrences in the CSV and fixed-length download files because more than one option can be selected from a list, the number at the end of the field name relates to the position of the option in the questionnaire. If the question has been answered, the value populated for each occurrence will be the option selected as defined in the coding manual for that question e.g. ALLACT9 would have a value of 9 to indicate 'Unemployed' was ticked. If an answer was not ticked, it will be left blank in the CSV and fixed length files. HESA will only maintain the output specification for CSV and fixed length format.

UKPRN will not be populated automatically in the download from BOS and therefore, providers will be required to populate this themselves.

OWNSTU will be populated automatically in all downloads for leavers where their own student identifier has been included in the URL for the survey.

Note: With the exception of questions 31 to 33, data items with no answer will be left blank in all file formats. For the higher education experience questions the data items will be coded 6 (unable to code) where the question is not answered.

For the higher education providers information NONQTS will record the outcome of the checkbox at the beginning of section C.

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