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Collaborative provision (CollaborativeProvision)

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Key Value
Name Collaborative provision
Short Name CollaborativeProvision
Version 1.7.0
Description This entity indicates which Engagements are part of a collaborative provision arrangement with an overseas provider or to provide doctoral research training, and holds information regarding the arrangement.
Uniquely Identified by

Each Collaborative provision (CollaborativeProvision) is uniquely identified by:

  • Engagement number (NUMHUS)
  • Student identifier (SID)
Applicable to England Northern Ireland Scotland Wales
Coverage All Engagements where a CollaborativeProvision.COLPROVTYPEID applies.

This entity collects information regarding two types of collaborative provision arrangements:

  1. Collaborative provision with an overseas provider.

  2. Formal collaborative arrangements to provide doctoral research training. This may be concurrent (students being jointly supervised) or sequential (the student starting at one provider and transferring to another).

    For more details on these types please see the guidance in CollaborativeProvision.COLPROVTYPEID.

The entity serves two purposes:

  1. Identifying Engagements that are part of one of these collaborative arrangements. The type is identified in CollaborativeProvision.COLPROVTYPEID.

  2. For sequential collaborative arrangements for doctoral research students, the provider that a student transfers to will record the identifiers returned by the provider the student transferred from in CollaborativeProvision.PARTNERSID CollaborativeProvision.PARTNERNUMHUS and CollaborativeProvision.PARTNERUKPRN.

For doctoral research students, this entity should be used in conjunction with the SupervisorAllocation entity which records the Unit of Assessment and organisation of the student's supervisor(s).

Quality Rules Quality rules to follow
Reason Required To identify and monitor different types of collaborative provision arrangements, to track students in cases of sequential collaboration.
Minimum Occurrences 0
Maximum Occurrences 1
Field Field Length Optional?
Collaborative provision type (COLPROVTYPEID) 2 Yes
Partner SID (PARTNERSID) 17 Yes
Parent Entity Engagement (Engagement)
Revision History
Coding Manual Version Element Version Notes

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