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Level of credit points (LEVLPTS)

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Key Value
Name Level of credit points
Short name LEVLPTS
Part of Module (Module)
Description This field indicates the level of the credit points recorded in Module.CRDTPTS.
Applicable to England Northern Ireland Scotland Wales
Coverage All Modules at providers in Wales.
Optional for all Modules at providers in England, Northern Ireland and Scotland where Module.CRDTPTS exists.

If the points relate to more than one level, please enter the code for the level which accounts for the largest number of points (or if they are equal, enter the code for the higher level).

Code 22 'Ordinary degrees' can only be used by providers in Scotland.

Code 24 'Undergraduate unspecified' is available to providers in all regions of the UK but does not relate to specific qualifications coding frames. This applies in cases when the module is for aiming undergraduate credits but this is at an unspecified level.

Where a module is essential for the award of a qualification, but is not at a particular level, for example, a lab practice safety module, then the level of the module should be returned at the same level as the overall qualification aim.

Students with an overall aim of a qualification below HE level are not in the coverage for the HESA Student Return. Code 27 'Below HE Level' should be used for modules that are below HE level but are taken as part of an Engagement with the aim of an HE qualification or credit. This might be, for example, modules related to an integrated foundation year that is taken as part of an HE level course, or where a module aims to improve English language skills.

Code 99 should be used in exceptional cases where a level cannot be determined.

Quality Rules Quality rules to follow
Optional? Yes
Reason required To monitor the use of credit transfer schemes and the flow of credits.
Field Length 2
Valid Values
Code Label
20 HE Certificate/NVQ Level 4 or equivalent
21 HE Intermediate/HE Diploma/Foundation degree
22 Ordinary degrees
23 HE Honours
24 Undergraduate Unspecified
25 HE Masters
26 HE Doctorate
27 Below HE Level
99 No associated level

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