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  • The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Graduate Outcomes 2019/20

    Lucy Van Essen Fishman

    Lucy Van Essen-Fishman

    Lead Policy & Research Analyst

    The majority of Graduate Outcomes survey respondents graduated in summer 2020 as restrictions were easing from the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. These cohorts were surveyed in Autumn 2021 when case numbers were high and the vaccination programme underway.

  • Graduate Outcomes statistics show the activities of 2019/20 graduates in 2021

    Press Officer

    Results of the third annual Graduate Outcomes survey show that 89% of graduates who responded were in some form of work or further study.

  • Department for Education consultation

    Press Officer

    The DfE has launched a consultation regarding the potential voluntary de-designation of HESA as the Designated Data Body.

  • HE Provider Data: Business and Community Interaction 2020/21

    Press Officer

    The Higher Education - Business and Community Interaction (HE-BCI) survey shows 4,528 new spin-off and start-up companies were founded by graduates in 2020/21, a rise of 16% from the 2019/20 figure.

  • HE-BCI major review: where are we now?

    Hannah Browne

    Hannah Browne

    Lead Policy and Research Analyst

    Lead Policy & Research Analyst, Hannah Browne, shares a new blog on where we are with the HE-BCI major review, including the six priority areas that will focus the review and how we've worked to outline and define the features of knowledge exchange. 

  • Sector consulted on whether Jisc should be the next designated data body

    Press Officer

    The Office for Students has launched a consultation with the higher education sector to determine the suitability of Jisc as the next designated data body (DDB).  

  • Data Futures in-year data collection update

    Press Officer

    The Office for Students has now published part one of the burden review outcomes. This includes a change to the Data Futures in-year collection date meaning it will begin for the 2024/25 collection.

  • Beta phase: specification and data model

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    Guest authors

    Alpha to Beta blogpost series

  • Your training needs: what we’ve learnt so far

    Laptop computer icon to signify the Training team

    Training team

    In December 2021, our Training team launched a new series of provider feedback surveys to understand which parts of the HESA collection cycle are the most challenging and why, and whether our existing training products can be improved. Their latest blog shares what they’ve learnt from your responses and how it's being put into action.

  • Data Futures April 2022 programme update

    Press Officer

    We emailed the following Data Futures programme update on 11 April to all Accountable Officers / Heads of provider. If you have any feedback or queries, please contact [email protected]