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Staying on track: the Student 22056 interim submissions

We recently completed the May interim submission for the 22056 Student record. This is one of two interim submissions ahead of the statutory sign-off deadline in October 2023.

Overall, the submission was a great success, and fulfilled our requirement of a 'real-life' test of the HESA Data Platform’s processing times and performance:

  • 86% of providers met the conditions of the submission deadline by Wednesday 31 May.
  • The HESA Data Platform (HDP) performed as expected with no major downtime or outages, processing over 2,000 uploads in the week leading up to the submission.

We didn’t expect to reach 100% or 'perfect' scores at this stage in the collection. The submission was a test for providers and processes, so we could ensure the required data was available and submitted, and that the new HDP performed as expected. As we review the results, we will continue to adapt and ensure we support providers with the next submission.

We notified Statutory Customers about providers who did not meet the conditions of the deadline. We have also contacted these providers to understand when they think the requirements will be met, and what additional assistance they require to meet it. 

Your file will need to pass schema and include all mandatory structural elements

August 2023 interim submission

The next deadline is the Friday 18 August 2023 interim submission deadline. 

You will build on your May interim submission, and we expect your submission to include 90% of student and course information. Your file will need to pass schema and include all mandatory structural elements. Unknown/not available codes should be used where required data is not available. Please refer to the collection schedule in the 22056 coding manual to see the information and guidance for the August interim submission.

You will follow the same process as with the May interim submission:

  1. Submit your data to the HDP.
  2. Respond to the Issue Management System (IMS) query to confirm you have met the conditions of the August interim deadline.

You must respond to the query, or your submission will not be considered as meeting the deadline.

What's new in the HDP?

At the point of the August interim submission, we expect providers to submit 90% of their data and many will have a fully schema compliant file submitted on the HESA Data Platform (HDP) by the mid-August deadline. There is no requirement for all outstanding issues to be resolved by this deadline, but you are encouraged to start engaging with this process.

In the legacy Student and Student Alternative collections, providers requested a switch for errors by contacting Liaison. 

For the Student 22056 collection onwards, this is all handled through tolerance requests within the HDP. More detail is available in our quality assurance approach

Support and resources

We will continue to review key themes and ensure we provide suitable support ahead of the August interim deadline and the statutory sign-off deadline in October 2023.

As always, the friendly Liaison team are here to help you with your submission. Please email [email protected] or call +44 0(1242) 388 531 if you have any queries or concerns about your data and the submission requirements.


Melanie Ross

Communication Officer