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Funding and monitoring (FundingAndMonitoring)

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Key Value
Name Funding and monitoring
Short Name FundingAndMonitoring
Version 1.7.0
Description This entity collects key data required by regulatory or funding bodies.
Uniquely Identified by

Each Funding and monitoring (FundingAndMonitoring) is uniquely identified by:

  • Engagement number (NUMHUS)
  • Student course session identifier (SCSESSIONID)
  • Student identifier (SID)
Applicable to England Northern Ireland Scotland Wales
Coverage All StudentCourseSessions that are in coverage for one of the fields in the FundingAndMonitoring entity.

This entity records the funding characteristics for the associated Student course session.

The entity must be returned where the Student course session falls into the coverage of one or more of the fields within the entity.

Not every Student course session will be in receipt of funding, however the entity will still need to be returned where any of the fields are applicable.

Each field within this entity should only have one value at a given time and therefore only one FundingAndMonitoring entity, containing the relevant fields, is required per StudentCourseSession.

Quality Rules Quality rules to follow
Reason Required To monitor funding arrangements and to collect data relevant to funding for each Student course session where this cannot be captured elsewhere.
Minimum Occurrences 0
Maximum Occurrences 1
Field Field Length Optional?
Equivalent or lower qualification (ELQ) 2 Yes
Funding completion (FUNDCOMP) 2 Yes
Funding length (FUNDLENGTH) 2 Yes
Non regulated fee flag (NONREGFEE) 2 Yes
Parent Entity Student course session (StudentCourseSession)
Revision History
Coding Manual Version Element Version Notes
1.4.0 1.0.1 Coverage updated to indicate that this is based on the coverage of the individual fields in the entity.

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