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Characteristics of Academic Staff in 2014/15

HESA publication 'Staff in Higher Education 2014/15' released today

Data published today show that there were 198,335 academic staff employed at UK HE providers in 2014/15. When analysed by cost centre (a proxy for academic departments) nearly a quarter of these staff (24%) were working in the areas of medicine, dentistry and health.

Overall 45% of academic staff in 2014/15 were female and 28% were of non-UK nationality. These proportions varied considerably between cost centre groups, with education having the highest proportion of female academic staff (60%) and the lowest proportion of non-UK nationality staff (11%). Meanwhile the engineering and technology cost centre group had the lowest proportion of female academic staff (20%) and the highest proportion of non-UK nationality staff (40%)

The chart and table below show the numbers and proportions of academic staff by sex and nationality in each cost centre group.

Academic staff by cost centre group, sex and nationality 2014/15

Download source data (including England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland totals) 

Proportion of female and non-UK nationality academic staff by cost centre group 2014/15
Cost centre group Total academic staff % female % non-UK nationality
Medicine, dentistry & health 47785 58.6% 23.2%
Agriculture, forestry & veterinary science 2395 52.0% 25.7%
Biological, mathematical & physical sciences 31270 33.6% 37.4%
Engineering & technology 23650 19.6% 40.1%
Architecture & planning 3920 32.7% 25.7%
Administrative & business studies 15110 42.4% 31.6%
Social studies 24635 45.4% 29.6%
Humanities & language based studies & archaeology 17660 51.8% 34.0%
Design, creative & performing arts 15725 46.3% 14.7%
Education 13290 60.0% 10.5%
Other Services 2895 54.5% 13.5%
Total 198335 45.0% 28.3%


Staff in Higher Education 2014/15 is a downloadable publication which includes comprehensive data on HE staff broken down by demographic and contract characteristics. Staff in Higher Education 2014/15 is available to purchase now.

The introduction to the publication is published online and includes further graphs and data tables. A table of staff numbers by HE provider can be found via our free online data pages.

The next scheduled release from HESA will be the publication of finance statistics on 3 March. A schedule of HESA releases for 2015 can be found here.

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