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Changes and trends in the student population

Proportions of science students and disabled students rise, while proportions of older and part-time students fall. HESA publications Students in Higher Education 2015/16 and Higher Education Statistics for the United Kingdom 2015/16 provide information on personal characteristics and study activities of students in the UK.

What 2014/15 graduates did next

76% of all survey respondents were in employment. Of these employed leavers 59% were on permanent or open-ended contracts while 25% were on fixed-term contracts. 4% of employed leavers were self-employed, 3% were on zero-hours contracts, 2% on internships, and 1% were starting up their own business.

Expenditure of HE providers by activity 2014/15

Finances of Higher Education Providers 2014/15 shows that UK HE providers had a total expenditure of £31.2 billion in 2014/15. £11.8bn (38.0% of the total) was spent through academic departments. Medicine, dentistry and health departments accounted for 8.7% of total expenditure.

Over 4,000 new graduate start-ups in 2014/15

The survey results show the number of new and on-going spin-off companies associated with UK HE providers. 129 spin-offs were started with some provider ownership in 2014/15. 4,160 graduate start-up companies and 138 social enterprises were formed

Income and expenditure of higher education providers in 2014/15

HE Finance Plus 2014/15 shows that the total income of higher education providers in 2014/15 was £33.2 billion.2 Tuition fees and education contracts contributed £15.6 billion or 47% of this total. The total expenditure of UK HE providers was £31.2 billion, of which £17.1 billion (55%) was spent on staff costs.

Characteristics of Academic Staff in 2014/15

Data published today show that there were 198,335 academic staff employed at UK HE providers in 2014/15. When analysed by cost centre (a proxy for academic departments) nearly a quarter of these staff (24%) were working in the areas of medicine, dentistry and health.

Trends in HE qualifications: 745,000 HE qualifications awarded in 2014/15

Data published today show that 745,005 higher education qualifications were awarded by UK HE providers in 2014/15. This is 4% fewer than were awarded in 2013/14. While 6% fewer first degrees were awarded than in the previous year, the number of postgraduate qualifications rose by 1%. The number of other undergraduate qualifications awarded, such as diplomas and certificates of HE fell by 10%, continuing a four year downward trend. 

94% of 2011 graduates in work or study 3½ years later

A sample of graduates who left higher education in 2010/11 were asked what they were doing on 24 November 2014.

Overview of the academic year 2013/14

The HESA publication Higher Education Statistics for the United Kingdom 2013/14 is released today. This National Statistics publication gives a statistical overview of UK higher education (HE) in the 2013/14 academic year including data from HESA and other statistics producers.

What 2013/14 graduates did next

73% of 2013/14 UK domicile full-time first degree graduates said that working was their most important activity, up from 70% of 2011/12 leavers. Of those working, 69% were in professional occupations, compared to 65% two years ago.