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HESA Consultation

The HESA consultation is now closed. Many thanks to everyone who responded.

Phase 1

The time and care put into responses to our first consultation phase was evident and this delivered extremely valuable information to support development of the subscription agreement.  

An overview of the key points from responses is available on our website. The coverage and continuation of the non-statutory (in England) collections was a key focus for us and the sector has demonstrated a clear interest in the continuation of these collections, even where these are non-statutory. 

The onward uses of data proposed, and the categories put forward also demonstrated a high level of support, with over 75% of respondents supporting all onward uses of data. In the summary of responses more information is available about how we have used the consultation material. 

Subscription Agreement cover

Phase 2

Phase 2 of the HESA Consultation is now closed.

This phase of the consultation provided an opportunity to comment on any element of the HESA Subscription Agreement, which and was shaped by the information provided in the first phase of the consultation.

The draft shared for comment was developed in conjunction with Statutory Customers and we continue to work with them on the final agreement following closure of the consultation.

The draft HESA Subscription Agreement is still available to download for your reference.