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Website and accessibility

We are committed to delivering high quality communications which are accessible to all users.

The HESA website aims to support all of our strategic priorities. Content on the website is governed by our accessibility statement.

Our site provides extensive guidance for those involved in completing HESA data returns, including detailed technical overviews of the required data streams and help with navigating the data collection system interface. We also offer training seminars on all aspects of the data journey.

For non-specialist audiences, we include simplified overviews of the data we collect.

Our website also contains a substantial amount of free data and analysis, including information about:

  • Student profiles and qualifications attained
  • Destinations of graduates
  • Staff numbers
  • Income and expenditure of universities and other higher education (HE) providers
  • The sector’s estates and environment management
  • Interactions between HE providers and businesses and the wider non-academic community.

If you cannot find the data you require, or if you are seeking our analytical expertise, you can learn about our range of bespoke reports and analytical services.

You can also read about our commitment to transform the HE information landscape, and our work with policy and decision makers.

For corrections or comments about the website contents, please email us