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Provider forum

The Provider forum facilitates knowledge exchange between HESA and the HE sector through representative groups to develop services and products to meet the combined needs of the higher education sector. It provides a platform for discussion and feedback with relevant sector bodies on HESA activities.

Purpose and frequency of meetings

  • To provide access to sector knowledge and know-how for HESA in developing services and products to meet the combined needs of the sector, including any key HESA projects (e.g. Data Futures).
  • To be consulted with, and provide views on, any areas of HESA activity.
  • To consider the impact of potential future statutory data collection requirements.
  • To help HESA work efficiently and in support of providers, including - managing burden of data collection, coordinate actions aimed at minimising cost and maximising value from the data.
  • To give the opportunity for the nominated representatives of the forum to update HESA on any concerns relating to HESA operational issues from their sector bodies.
  • To feedback to sector bodies on HESA activities.
  • The forum will meet as required, expected to be 4 times per year.


  • 3 members nominated by IHE (Independent Higher Education)
  • 3 members nominated by SROC (Student Records Officers’ Conference)
  • 3 members nominated by HESPA (Higher Education Strategic Planners Association)
  • 3 members nominated by UCISA (the professional body for digital practitioners within education)
  • 3 members nominated by ARC (Academic Registrars’ Council)
  • A representative of The Open University
  • Managing Director of Statutory Services in HESA (Chair)
  • Statutory customers to be invited on an as necessary basis

The Provider forum is attended as necessary by HESA staff.

Meeting arrangements

  • Meetings of the Provider forum are arranged by the Managing Director for Statutory Services or his/her nominee.
  • The Managing Director of Statutory Services or this nominee prepares the agenda of items to be discussed
  • HESA gives early warning of agenda items and provides supplementary reading to help attendees consider/prepare ahead of the meeting.
  • Actions from meetings, minutes and the names of those present are produced.
  • HESA uses feedback from the meetings as input to other governance arrangements, e.g. programme boards (Data Futures).

How to get involved

To raise issues for discussion at the Provider forum please contact a representative of any of the organisations listed in the membership list above.