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Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education record 2014/15


  • Introduction - Background information relating to the collection
  • Data protection guidance - Information about how Data Protection legislation affects the processing of Student data by HESA

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Data specification

  • Coverage of the record - The criteria for the return of data in the record
  • Data items required for valid response - A list of the data items that are required for a valid response and the data items that are to be asked of third parties
  • Data model - Description of the entities included in the record and the relationship between them
  • Data items - Directory of all data items collected, and the guidance surrounding them. Displayed by entity, and sortable for ease of searching
  • File structure - Description of the physical structure of the record
  • C14018.xsd - Schema for the structure of the XML file
  • C14018DataTypes.xsd - Schema for the data types used in the XML file
  • C14018CodeLists.xsd - Schema for the valid codes for use in the XML file
  • Derived field specifications - Contains the list and specifications of the derived fields applied by HESA. Derived fields are used by HESA to create populations and groupings for analysis

Further guidance

Information specific to the collection

  • Logo for the DLHE survey - Area containing the logo for the survey, available in English and Welsh
  • Questionnaires - Area containing both the April and January versions of the questionnaires, available in English and Welsh
  • Text for covering letters and emails - Area containing both the April and January versions of the text for covering letters and emails, available in English and Welsh

Submission process and quality assurance

Contact Liaison by email or on +44 (0)1242 388 531.