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Fixed database facility

We provide higher education providers with the opportunity to make post-collection amendments to a dataset following closure of the live data collection through the fixed database facility.

However, this fixed database process is separate from the main data collection and use of this facility is only available with the express authorisation from one of HESA's Statutory Customers to an HE provider.

Fixed database procedure

Use of the fixed database facility requires express authorisation from one of HESA's Statutory Customers (usually a funding body). An action plan should be agreed with the appropriate Statutory Customer as to the extent of the changes to be made through the fixed database and the deadline by which these changes must be made.

Charges for use of the fixed database facility

The formal agreements with Statutory Customers provide for HESA making a charge to HE providers for use of the fixed database facility. Amendments can be made for the following data streams. Details of the associated costs of using this facility are shown in the table below (Note that these charges do not attract VAT).

Data stream Percentage of HESA subscription fee Cap
Student 20%  £7,000
AP student 20%  £7,000
DLHE 20%  £7,000
Aggregate offshore 10%  £3,500
Staff 10%  £3,500
Finance 10%  £3,500
HE-BCI 10%  £3,500
Estates management 10%  £3,500
Provider profile 10%  £3,500

For information about the individual cost for your provider using this facility for a specific stream, please contact Liaison.  

Availability of the fixed databases

The fixed database opens following the closure of the corresponding live data collection, and remains open for between 6 and 15 months, depending on the data stream; typically longer for the Student record and shorter for other collections.

Onwards use of fixed database data 

The availability of the fixed database facility currently extends well beyond the publication date of information. Providers should therefore be aware that onward use of information, for example in HESA publications, will normally be based on the original data collected and not on any amended data submitted through the fixed database facility.

Where a resubmission of data is required only for the purposes of the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), providers will need to submit the data to OfS via the TEF Extranet, rather than through the HESA Fixed Database facility. Data submitted in this way will not be passed onto HESA for onward use of the data.

Any queries relating to a resubmission for TEF should be directed to [email protected].

If the resubmission involves changes required for both the TEF and other purposes, the resubmission will need to be submitted to both OfS and HESA.