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Validation kits

We provide validation kits to enable providers to test their data locally ahead of the data submission period.

Providers are strongly encouraged to make use of the validation kit as part of their data preparations.

All current collections use our new validation kit. We retain our original validation kit for providers making use of our fixed database facility.

New XML validation kit

Download and install the new HESA XML Validation Kit

We also offer a help guide to support use of the kit.

The new validation kit is used for the following XML collections:

  • C14051 (Student record 2014/15)
  • C14052 (Aggregate offshore record 2014/15)
  • C14054 (AP student record 2014/15)
  • C14078 (DLHE FEC 2014/15)
  • C15018 (DLHE record 2015/16)
  • C15025 (Staff record 2015/16)
  • C15041 (Provider profile record 2015/16)
  • C15051 (Student record 2015/16)
  • C15052 (Aggregate offshore record 2015/16)
  • C15053 (ITT record 2015/16)
  • C15054 (AP student record 2015/16)
  • C15061 (Key Information Set 2015/16)
  • C15078 (DLHE FEC 2015/16)
  • C16018 (DLHE record 2016/17)
  • C16025 (Staff record 2016/17)
  • C16041 (Provider profile record 2016/17)
  • C16051 (Student record 2016/17)
  • C16052 (Aggregate offshore record 2016/17)
  • C16061 (Key Information Set 2016/17)
  • C16053 (ITT record 2016/17)
  • C16054 (AP student record 2016/17)
  • C16078 (DLHE FEC 2016/17)
  • C17025 (Staff record 2017/18)
  • C17041 (Provider profile record 201718)
  • C17052 (Aggregate offshore record 2017/18)
  • C17051 (Student record 2017/18)
  • C17053 (ITT record 2017/18)
  • C17054 (AP student record 2017/18)
  • C17061 (Unistats record 2017/18)
  • C18051 (Student record 2018/19)
  • C18061 (Unistats record 2018/19)

Updates in (2016-10-21)

  • Validation kit updated to reflect HESA re-branding (new logo).

Updates in (2016-06-22)

  • A valid UKPRN and RECID are now required to be submitted in the XML file. Validation had been added to stop these fields being left blank.

Updates in (2015-07-20)

  • Results can be filtered by entity or by entity.field, and will be able to filter by specific rule
  • Excessive memory usage when saving large result sets to Excel improved
  • Validation complete message showing total issues
  • Selecting location data from the detail of an issue is being improved.

Updates in (2015-03-18)

  • The summary of results now displays the issues found in the data with counts for each rule, with an additional choice to display detailed results where each of the fields reported in an error has a separate column
  • The ability to download results in a number of different formats.

Updates in v. (2015-02-05)

  • Addresses a delay in processing schema errors.

Original XML validation kit

Download and install the HESA XML Validation Kit

We also offer a help guide to support use of the kit.

The original validation kit is now used only for providers making use of fixed database facility.

Updates in v. (2015-02-15)

  • Added DLHE FEC.

Updates in v. (2014-03-104)

  • Corrected false reporting of UKPRN differing from config.

Updates in v.

  • Supports C13041 validation
  • Fixed 404 error when downloading business rule updates.