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Provider profile record 2015/16

Provider profile record 2015/16


  • Introduction - Background information relating to the collection

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Data specification

  • Coverage of the record - The criteria for the return of data in the record
  • Data model - Describes the entities included in the record and the relationship between them
  • Data items - Directory of all data items collected, and the guidance surrounding them. Displayed by entity, and sortable for ease of searching
  • File structure - Describes the physical structure of the record
  • C15041.xsd - Schema for the structure of the XML file
  • C15041DataTypes.xsd - Schema for the data types used in the XML file
  • C15041CodeLists.xsd - Schema for the valid codes for use in the XML file
  • Derived field specifications - Contains the list and specifications of the derived fields applied by HESA. Derived fields are by HESA to create populations and groupings for analysis

Further guidance

Submission process and quality assurance

  • Data submission template - A template which will allow the generation of an XML structure for data input into it
  • Data collection schedule - Details of the key dates and deadlines for the Provider profile collection
  • Quality rules - Validation which enforces the quality of the submitted data
  • Quality rules web page - FAQ - A guide which discusses the process of viewing the quality rules
  • Validation overview - A document describing quality checks and the various stages when checks are made
  • Download validation kit - Contains downloadable validation kit and related help pages. The validation kit allows Business stage validation to be run locally
  • Submit data to HESA - Opening page to login to or register for a user account to access the HESA data collection system
  • File structures for downloadable files - A document describing the structure of data files which can be downloaded from the data collection system
  • Check documentation - A spreadsheet template that can be downloaded from the data collection system, populated with data to be checked at Exception stage
  • Check documentation guide - A guide to the check documentation and the checks contained within it
  • Fixed database facility Details of the process for submitting corrections to submitted data once the collection closes

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