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Initial Teacher Training 2023/24: Support guides

This page provides an overview of the 2023/24 Initial Teacher Training (ITT) collection (C23053).

This should be used alongside the C23053 coding manual, which provides more detailed, technical information about the collection.

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Initial Teacher Training overview

Our coding manuals provide you with all the necessary documentation to support your data return. The coding manual contains technical documents giving detailed information on the record's coverage, data specification and submission formats. Familiarising yourself with these documents will help you make an accurate and timely return.

Each collection has its own coding manual which can be found in the Data collection section of our site. By default, you will land on the open collection for each record; you can then select previous or future years.

The coding manuals will be updated throughout the data collection cycle and Record Contacts informed by email when new versions are made live. Be sure to check the manual's Revision history for a summary of changes.

You submit data via our Data Collection system. To access this, you will need to have an appropriate role in our Identity System (IDS). We publish an IDS user guide which includes information on creating and editing your account.

You will need to be given access to the Data Collection system by the relevant Record Contact at your provider.

Once you have access to the system you will be able to upload files and track the progress of the collection.

The coding manual homepage includes all the technical information you require, including:

  • The data specification
  • File format specifications
  • A detailed collection schedule
  • Our XML data entry tool (available for some streams)
  • Quality rules.

This Support guides page collects together the following resources:

  • User guide
  • Data collection system: Known issues and release history.

In the Support area of the HESA website, you can find:

Our Data innovation section includes information about:

  • Open and recently completed record reviews, including information about changes we are implementing
  • Our Data Futures programme which will transform the higher education information landscape.

In the About section, you can find:


Our expert analysts have a thorough understanding of our records and processes. We are here to support you throughout the data submission process.

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Known issues and Release history

Issue Summary


Date raised

Date resolved

It has been brought to our attention that the PreviousQualification entity coverage has been set up for C23053 to require a submission from continuing students, not just new entrants. Student.ITTSTARTDATE should have been added into the coverage statement to ensure the fields in the entity are only required to be submitted by trainees in the current reporting period and not those previously submitted. 

The following rules have thus been updated and released, with an additional clause so that they will only trigger for new entrants: 

  • PreviousQualification.DEGCLSS.1
  • PreviousQualification.DEGCTRY.1
  • PreviousQualification.DEGENDDT.1
  • PreviousQualification.DEGEST.1
  • PreviousQualification.DEGSBJ.1
  • PreviousQualification.DEGTYPE.1

e.g. PreviousQualification.DEGCLSS.1: PreviousQualification.DEGCLSS must exist where Student.ITTSTARTDATE is in the current reporting period and Student.QLAIM is a postgraduate qualification (020, 021, 031 or 032).

A change to the coding manual's coverage statement has also been requested.

Resolved 03 Oct 05 Oct
Release ID Release date Release summary
126 (MSR) 05 Oct 2023 

The following quality rules have been amended with Student.ITTSTARTDATE added to ensure the rules trigger only for new entrants:

  • PreviousQualification.DEGCLSS.1 
  • PreviousQualification.DEGCTRY.1
  • PreviousQualification.DEGENDDT.1
  • PreviousQualification.DEGEST.1
  • PreviousQualification.DEGSBJ.1
  • PreviousQualification.DEGTYPE.1
124 (MSR) 14 Sep 2023

The following quality rules have been added or amended:


  • QR.Student.BURSLEV.42 (Error) - New rule added to check that valid entry E, 'Grant' is only returned where the student's entry route is employment-based.
  • QR.CourseSubject.SBJCA.12 (Error) - New rule added to align with C23053 CourseSubject.SBJCA guidance for students who choose not to study a primary specialism.
  • QR.Student.APPLICATIONID.2 (Warning) - New rule to check that the new field Student.APPLYAPPLICATIONID has been completed for more than 90% of postgraduate students.


  • The URN lookup table used in QR.Student.SDLEAD.4, QR.Student.SDEMPLY.4 and QR.Student.PLMTSCH.2 has been updated to incorporate the latest school reference numbers. 
  • QR.Student.BURSLEV.32, 33 and 37 (update to plain English text - no functional change).
  • QR.Student.ENTRYRTE.2 (update to plain English text - no functional change).
123 07 Sep 2023

The Data collection system status has been switched to Open.

The following quality rules have been added, amended, or deleted.



  • QR CourseSubject.SBJCA.11.


  • QR.Student.BURSLEV.21, 26, 29, 34, 36, 41, YEARPRG.2, HUSID.11, INITIATIVES.15, 16.​
  • QR.PreviousQualification.DEGTYPE.2.​



We are continuing to work on three rules: QR.Student.BURSLEV.42 (Error), QR.CourseSubject.SBJCA.12 (Error) and QR.Student.APPLICATIONID.2 (Warning), and the update to the URN lookup table used in the rules QR.Student.SDLEAD.4, QR.Student.SDEMPLY.4 and QR.Student.PLMTSCH.2. Once implemented and tested we will carry out a mid-sprint release and reprocess any providers that have submitted.

122 24 Aug 2023

The following quality rules have been amended. (The validation kit will reflect the changes):

  • QR.CourseSubject.SBJCA.1, SBJCA.2 , SBJCA.9, SBJCA.10​
  • QR.Placement.PLMTSCH.2​
  • QR. Student.PreviousQualification.1 QR.Student.SDLEAD.4, SDEMPLY.4, ENTRYRTE.6, MODE.1, HUSID.4, EXPECTEDENDDATE.1, EXPECTEDENDDATE.3

The Data collection system remains closed while rules are updated to reflect the C23053 field and valid entry changes. 

120 26 Jul 2023

The following quality rules have been deleted or amended:


  • QR.Student.COMDATE.1, 2​

  • QR.Sudent.ITTCOMDATE.1, 2

  • QR.Student.ENDDATE.3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ​


  • QR.Student.RSNEND.1​

  • QR.Student.ITTPHSC.1​.


QR.Student.HUSID.10 - COMDATE replaced with ITTSTARTDATE​.

Quality rule updates will be updated and released to the validation kit in subsequent sprints.

The Data collection system will remain in a 'Closed' state while the API, used for transferring data to the DfE, is updated and end-to-end tested. Once done the collection will be made available to submit transactions.

119 13 Jul 2023

The validation kit is available to download, based on this year's schema and with a roll-on of the last year's business rules. If you already have the validation kit installed there is no need to install a new version. If you do not currently have the validation kit installed, you can access it here. 

Due to the significant changes to C23053 this year, as requested by the DfE, there are over 70 quality rule amendments to be implemented. These will be iteratively released throughout August. 

A high-level summary of the C23053 major component releases are highlighted below. This is a guide to the proposed sequence of releases only, and releases may occur before or after the month indicated depending on internal and external factors:


  • Validation kit- with updated schema and rolled on business rules from C22053


  • Quality rule updates


  • Quality rule updates


  • Data collection system opens