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Data Futures readiness survey April 2022: themes and feedback

The 2022/23 reporting year launched on 1 August 2022 and part of our work on the Data Futures project is to help providers successfully submit 2022/23 data using the Student – Data Futures 22056 model. We need to understand how ready you are for the new collection process, and we launched the first Data Futures readiness survey in April 2022. 235 providers responded by the deadline. This has subsequently increased, with 266 responses to date. 

Your responses and feedback all feed into our work to ensure you have the required information and support to demonstrate your readiness for the 2022/23 collection and prepare for the interim submissions in May and August 2023. 

We arranged the survey around three themes of data, systems readiness and business change: headline results are below. Please note, all listed percentages relate to survey respondents, so do not reflect the entire provider population.

The focus is on familiarisation with software solutions and upgrades


  • 72%  of respondents have reviewed their existing student data against the new data model. Alongside this 60% of providers have completed a full gap analysis; however, only 8% have implemented any required changes following it. 
  • The majority (85%) of respondents have identified where changes to data capture methods are required. Those who have not yet undertaken these changes have plans to do so. 

Systems readiness

The focus is on familiarisation with software solutions and upgrades. 

  • 39% have completed their software upgrades. 
  • 48% have a plan in place to upgrade their software systems.

We continue to engage with software suppliers and providers with in-house systems via our fortnightly sessions and we attend external sessions and conferences when requested.

Business change

  • 63% are confident in their delivery for 2022/23 at this stage.
  • 58% believe they have the right resources they require.

General feedback

We are working through the open feedback and queries and assigning to teams for actions or responses where possible.
Some actions are already scheduled in our development timeline, and we will communicate when more information is available on the following:

  • A filter for the data dictionary in the coding manual.

Information is already available for the following queries:

  • We added forward mapping documents to the 22056 coding manual v1.4.0.
  • We are working on our interim updates process in e-learning and are now detailing what has changed in the course. 
  • You can check the status of your e-learning courses in your EasyGenerator account. 
  • When we communicate with senior contacts, we publish it as an announcement on the website; we then add a news item to the HESA weekly update for operational contacts, linking to the announcement.

We post all programme updates including e-learning, programme milestones and opportunities for feedback on the website and across our three newsletters: 

HESA support and tools

It is a mandatory requirement to complete Data Futures readiness surveys. We have escalated to Statutory Customers those providers who missed the deadline for the readiness survey or raised themselves at risk; please contact [email protected] if you have further queries or concerns. We are targeting our efforts and activity to ensure you are ready for the 2022/23 collection: we can only do this if you let us know where you need help or further support.

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Melanie Ross

Communication Officer