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Initial Teacher Training record 2020/21


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Data specification

  • Coverage of the record - The criteria for the return of data in the record
  • Data model - Describes the entities included in the record and the relationship between them
  • Data items - Directory of all data items collected, and the guidance surrounding them. Displayed by entity, and sortable for ease of searching
  • File structure - Describes the physical structure of the record
  • C20053.xsd - Schema for the structure of the XML file
  • C20053DataTypes.xsd - Schema for the data types used in the XML file
  • C20053CodeLists.xsd - Schema for the valid codes for use in the XML file

Submission process and quality assurance

  • File structures for downloadable files - Contains details of the format and content of the downloadable files produced during data collection
  • Validation overview - A document describing validation checks and the various stages when checks are made
  • Quality rules - Validation which enforces the quality of the submitted data
  • Download validation kit - Contains downloadable validation kit and related help pages. The validation kit allows quality rules to be run locally during data preparation

Further guidance

UCAS and UCAS Teacher Training transactions


Contact Liaison by email or on 01242 211144.