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Accessing the Issue Management System

Issue Management System

To access the Issue Management System, you will need a HESA Identity System account.

The Identity System (IDS) is a single-sign-on system for all our web applications. This means that you only need one account and then you can access the HESA systems, such as the Data Collection system and the Issue Management System.


There are two roles that give access to the Issue Management System, these are the:

  • Provider Issue Management System User - grants access to view and respond to data quality issues for the given data stream
  • *Coming soon* Provider Issue Management System Viewer - grants access to view data quality issues for the given data stream

These roles are available for every relevant data collection stream. Holders of the Record Contact or Admin roles at your provider will be able to grant the Issue Management System roles. 

More information about registering for an Identity System account and requesting roles can be found in the IDS user guide.

Forgotten / changing your password

Access to the Issue Management System is governed by our Identity System (IDS), and you can reset your password and update your details through that system. Support with this process can be found in our IDS user guide.