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Graduate Outcomes methodology statement part two

Survey design and implementation


Part two of the methodology statement contains details of the most important aspects of survey design, data collection, analysis and dissemination for Graduate Outcomes. It is aimed at the users of Graduate Outcomes survey data as well as those with an interest in survey methodology.

This part of the methodology statement will be a ‘live’ record of the methodology, at least in the first few years as we make improvements to our data collection, processing, analysis, and dissemination policies. We aim to revise it as changes to existing processes are made and new initiatives are introduced. Previous versions of the statement are available to users in our archive.

Part one of the methodology statement contains the history and background to the development of the Graduate Outcomes survey. It outlines the process HESA went through to review the need for a replacement to previous iterations, how we engaged with the sector on its design and the intended governance structure.

Please refer to our glossary page for definitions of terms used in this document. If you would prefer, you can download a PDF of the methodology statement part two.

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