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Sector engagement

On this page: Cohort reports and regular communications | Data dissemination communications approach

Cohort reports and regular communications

As part of our communications strategy, HESA releases regular communications to providers to ensure important operational details about the survey are shared, as well as a range of best practise and additional support. This is to ensure the sector learns as we learn. These communications are sent via email to the appropriate provider representatives via weekly updates.

In addition to this, and to share insight with the sector as a whole, formal reviews were also created and shared at key survey milestones. With the survey gaining greater stability over time the frequency of these reviews was gradually decreased with a view to phase them out completely. During the second year, mid-point reviews were conducted for the first half of the year, followed by end of cohort reviews only for the latter half. They summarised key operational information from the cohort in review and set out the changes made for the following cohort. As the sector has an appetite for additional statistics, each end of cohort review (for at least the first collection) included an infographic which shares both response rates and engagement statistics in a graphical way. These reviews were added to the HESA website for anyone interested in Graduate Outcomes.

Data dissemination communications approach

HESA has created a data dissemination communication plan which encompasses all potential users of the data. The plan contains information to be communicated in the build up to release in order to build understanding and awareness of the distinctive characteristics of the Graduate Outcomes survey and the methodology that has been employed. Content includes blogs and news items from key HESA experts and clear guidance on the releases themselves.

As part of the delivery of this plan, we will seek support from key sector agencies in reinforcing key messages.

These key communications will be disseminated to relevant IDS roles, shared on the Jiscmail, added to the HESA website, shared (where relevant via HESA social channels (twitter and LinkedIn) and in the weekly update.

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