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Dissemination - Supporting information for users of the data

On this page: Data definitions | Quality and data intelligence | Survey methodology | User guide

Graduate Outcomes products and services will be accompanied by a range of resources designed to guide users with varying levels of skill and experience with data.

Data definitions

All products and services which incorporate Graduate Outcomes data will be accompanied by comprehensive definitional documentation. This will explain in detail the data standards which are utilised and how these have been derived.

Quality and data intelligence

In addition to full definitional information, Graduate Outcomes data dissemination is accompanied by a published quality report. This report will include the most comprehensive current assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the data as well as providing information on any known specific quality issues. This report will be a ‘live’ document updated to include any new quality issues as they are discovered through dissemination and utilisation of data by users.

Survey Methodology

HESA has published a Survey methodology of which this is a section. It covers the history and formulation of Graduate Outcomes, together with a detailed account of the implementation and operation of the survey. This will be a ‘live’ record of the methodology, at least in the first few years as we make improvements to our data collection, processing, analysis, and dissemination policies. We aim to revise it as changes to existing processes are made and new initiatives are introduced.

User guide

The full suite of supporting documentation for Graduate Outcomes is navigable from a user guide aimed primarily at supporting technical users and expert analysts of the data.

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