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Income from Business and Community Interactions

The Higher Education - Business and Community Interaction (HE-BCI) survey collects information from HE institutions about activities concerned with the generation, use, application and exploitation of knowledge and other university capabilities outside academic environments.

Income of UK HE providers from business and community interactions
(£ thousands)
  2011/12 2012/13 2013/14
Income from collaborative research involving public funding 874,068  963,027  1,143,879
Value of contract research 1,093,806  1,137,900  1,193,255
Consultancy contracts 397,787  408,155  441,858
Facilities and equipment related services 138,345  143,004  162,926
Courses for business and the community 640,834  653,401  679,076
Income from regeneration and development programmes 172,841  172,171  180,606
Income from Intellectual Property 79,398  86,649  131,117
See Press release 215 for more detailed 2013/14 figures and notes

Spin-off activities

The HE-BCI survey collects information about spin-off companies and start-ups set up by recent graduates and staff.

Spin-off activities of UK HE providers
  2011/12 2012/13 2013/14
Number of new spin-off companies      
Spin-offs with some HEP ownership 158  130  130
Formal spin-offs, not HEP owned 17  24  17
Staff start-ups 84  64  68
Graduate start-ups 2,729  3,441  4,603
Total number of active firms      
Spin-offs with some HEP ownership 1,045  1,121  1,081
Formal spin-offs, not HEP owned 222  209  174
Staff start-ups 374  431  464
Graduate start-ups 7,151  8,163  9,963
Estimated current employment of all active firms (FTE)      
Spin-offs with some HEP ownership 10,187  10,886  11,358
Formal spin-offs, not HEP owned 7,642  10,769  4,294
Staff start-ups 1,533  1,600  1,617
Graduate start-ups 13,609 15,457  18,560
Estimated current turnover of all active firms (£ thousands)      
Spin-offs with some HEP ownership 899,266  876,950  929,682
Formal spin-offs, not HEP owned 1,124,358  1,742,632  327,555
Staff start-ups 90,580  92,489  83,599
Graduate start-ups 324,895  372,913  474,667
Estimated external investment received (£ thousands)      
Spin-offs with some HEP ownership 651,733  574,562  894,903
Formal spin-offs, not HEP owned 162,915  111,775  91,280
Staff start-ups 30,337  31,926  42,135
Graduate start-ups 31,323  28,814  74,305

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External sources

Related statistics are published by various organisations. These links are to external websites for which HESA is not responsible.

HEFCE produce an annual report on the results of the HE-BCI survey. The reports include breakdowns for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Reports are available back to 1999/2000.

The British Universities Finance Directors Group (BUFDG) provide links to financial statements of UK HE Institutions.