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Data Futures: The programme

Updated: 15 December 2023

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Programme headlines and milestones

Background to the programme

The Data Futures transformation programme will facilitate in-year data collection, assurance and dissemination of HE data.

A new data collection platform, the HESA Data Platform (HDP) will enable the provision of data to Statutory Customers for the Student record. In addition, it will deliver a more efficient system for HE providers to submit and quality assure their data leading to operational efficiencies.

The programme, led by HESA and delivered with Jisc will deliver a range of benefits for Statutory Customers, HE Providers, HESA and the HE sector.

Engagement and programme governance

Greater data utility

  • Timely, high-quality data to support effective regulation and decision-making in relation to the UK HE sector.
  • Improved management information for HE providers.

Statutory data efficiencies

  • More efficient data return and quality assurance process for HE providers.
  • Better alignment of regulatory and statutory data returns through a single model that connects with the increasingly diverse range of administrative business processes in HE providers.

Maintaining data quality

  • Ensure appropriate data quality for national statistics products.
  • Providing fit for purpose data for regulation and statutory purposes.

Data Futures announcements

Please note, we send operational updates via the HESA weekly update.

We publish strategic updates as announcements on the HESA website, as linked below.

Student 22056 Sign Off deadline and in-year update

Data Futures programme update April 2022: sent to Accountable Officers / heads of provider and senior contacts 

Data Futures programme update September 2021: sent to Accountable Officers / heads of providers and senior contacts

Support and resources

For further information or queries, please email [email protected].