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Data Futures: The programme

The Data Futures programme encompasses a vast number of activities and individual contributory projects. Below is the proposed schedule for the Data Futures programme. We are currently in the Alpha phase of the programme. The Alpha phase builds on the output of the Detailed design phase which was informed by the Collection design project.

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Data Futures is working with Civica on the delivery of the Data Futures data collection system; read our press release on the appointment of Civica for more information.

Programme benefits

  • Enable timely data collection and reporting. This means data will be collected in-year and can be released to users more quickly following collection.
  • Reduce the burden on data providers. Collection processes will be streamlined, and duplicate collections reduced. We will develop and maintain common data standards.
  • Drive improved value for money. We will ensure the maximum value is generated from the data collected through greater core data sharing. Improved information and analytical services will be provided.
  • Deliver data that is fit for purpose. Data requirements will be assessed and the value they provide communicated to data providers. Data will be quality assured as it is collected.
  • Support changes to data governance across the sector. We will collect data on behalf of other data collectors. This will be facilitated by our work to improve data capabilities across the sector.

Programme management

The Data Futures Programme Board provides leadership to the programme and supports the Senior Responsible Owner and the Programme Director.

Meet the Data Futures Programme Board

Get involved

  • The Data Futures programme will present multiple opportunities to get involved, provide feedback, and ask questions.
  • If you want to get in contact, please email.

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