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Data Futures: The Programme






Running until 2020, the Data Futures programme encompasses a vast number of activities and individual contributory projects.

As with all programmes of change there are a number of key checkpoints and phases that will be completed. This page will be updated and added to as the programme develops.  Many of the milestones and activities will evolve and change over the course of the programme.

To date the following phases have been initiated:

Detailed Design phase


Our Data Futures programme requires contributory, or associated projects to inform and steer progress. These projects answer a specific question or inform an area of understanding. 

Further details on projects are found under the following links:

Collection Design Project

Data Futures is working with Civica on the delivery of the Data Futures data collection system; read our press release on the appointment of Civica for more information.

Get Involved

  • The Data Futures programme will present multiples opportunities to get involved, provide feedback and ask questions.
  • You can join our JISCMail group for the latest updates and milestones.
  • If you want to get in contact with someone from our Data Futures team, please email.