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We have published a range of collateral to support you in promoting the survey, and in collecting and maintaining your student/graduate contact details. Visit each of the pages below to access these materials.

The materials we have provided are based on the feedback we received from providers in a brand and communications survey completed in August 2017. Your continued feedback is much appreciated so we can continue to support your communication efforts. Likewise, if you have ideas for additional items, please get in touch.

The majority of the materials provided are available for you to modify and to use in your own materials promoting Graduate Outcomes. Please remember that whilst ensuring these materials fit with your own branding, part of the purpose is to establish brand awareness ahead of graduates receiving the survey. If we get this right, it means graduates will recognise the survey, making them more likely to open the email invitation when they receive it. Therefore as a minimum, the Graduate Outcomes logo should be present in all materials and you should try to retain some of the main brand elements, such as the colour palette.

New introduction to Graduate Outcomes promotional strategy training

This e-learning course provides an introduction into what to consider when creating a comprehensive promotional strategy within your provider, and is ideal for colleagues who have a good understanding of the records and want to learn how to use the communications we've supplied to help increase response rates.

Visit the e-learning module

Graduate Outcomes website

Visit the dedicated Graduate Outcomes website! This is a graduate facing site designed to share more about the survey and answer any questions. This is also your resource – it contains useful text to use in your own communications and you can direct graduates here:

Communications materials