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Social media resources

We know that established social media channels are the quickest and most immediate way to share news and content with audiences. For Graduate Outcomes, this will be a key approach – using your providers’ already established audience of recent graduates and creating an engaging dialogue with them about the survey.

To support you in using your social media channels to promote the survey, we’ve created some additional resources for you to use.

The newly branded artwork to accompany your social media posts on your channels are available to download on the 'Share your involvement' page on the Graduate Outcomes website. Further images and artwork to support your channels and key mesages can be found below.   

Header images

Make the most of your social media account real estate by using the header image space at the top of your page at key points in the Graduate Outcomes cycle i.e. opening and two weeks until closing the survey. This area captures attention of followers and allows you to share information about a campaign that stays there for a fixed period (until you change it!).

We’ve created hero header images for Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook for you to use to ensure consistent branding.

Each design is available in both English and Welsh.

Example 1: Twitter header

Download English Twitter header

Download Welsh Twitter header

Example 2: Facebook header

Download English Facebook header

Download Welsh Facebook header

Example 3: LinkedIn header

Download English LinkedIn header

Download Welsh LinkedIn header

Social graphics

Use images with your social posts to shine the spotlight on your content! 

We will be sharing lots of engaging social content from our Graduate Outcomes Twitter and LinkedIn accounts so either retweet or quote tweet these from your accounts or save the images and post them yourself! Another reason to ensure you’re following our accounts.

We will be creating a range of social media templates to support you in promoting the dedicated Graduate Outcomes website, updating this page to create a library of assets. 

Encourage social sharing

We know the influence peers have on each other – especially on social media. The new visual identity is focused on encouraging graduates to share their perspectives and make a difference. 

These images are on the Graduate Outcomes website which is designed for graduates and we’ll be encouraging their use on our social channel – but you can do the same!

Instruction: Simply save the image, choose your channel, upload it and include #graduateoutcomes and other audience related hastags (#graduates #makeyourvoicecount #makeadifference #shapethefuture) and tag the relevant Graduate Outcomes social media account in your message.

We have created identical images in English and Welsh for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. We want these to be consistent for brand awareness.

Example: Instagram image


Sample social posts

We’ve created some sample tweets to support your own activity. Simply personalise them in the suggested places and adapt them for other platforms.

  • The #GraduateOutcomes survey is the UK’s biggest annual social survey. Recent [provider handle] graduates will be invited to join in 15 months after completing their studies. Find out when you’ll be surveyed » [ or link to your own webpage] #highereducation @grad_outcomes
  • Your #graduate voice counts by taking the #GraduateOutcomes survey. Your responses help us to improve and promote our courses. Find out when you’ll be surveyed » [ or link to your own webpage] #highereducation #employability @grad_outcomes
  • What does #GraduateSuccess mean to you? #Employment? Further study? Using your skills? Understanding this is the aim of the #GraduateOutcomes survey. What’s your view? Find out more » [ or link to your own webpage] @grad_outcomes
  • Calling recent [provider handle] graduates! 15 months after you complete your course with us, you’ll receive the #GraduateOutcomes survey via email. Be part of the picture of education today. Find out more » [ or link to your own webpage]

For in-cohort graduates:

  • Did you graduate from [provider handle] between [insert relevant months e.g. May - July 2018]? You’ve been sent the #GraduateOutcomes survey via email - it aims to understand your perspectives & your current status. Find out more » [ or link to your own webpage] @grad_outcomes
  • The #GraduateOutcomes survey is live! Did you complete your #highereducation course between [insert relevant months]? Find out more about the survey here » 
  • The #GraduateOutcomes survey is live! #graduates who completed a #highereducation course between [insert relevant months] will have received an email to the online survey. Check your inboxes and find out more » 
  • Employment? Further study? Travelling? What have you been up to since your time in #highereducation? Complete the #GraduateOutcomes survey if you completed your course between [insert relevant months]! Find out more »

Survey deadline messages

These are used to share the relevant survey deadline to encourage graduates yet to complete the survey that time is running out. We will be adding animated assets for the his over the coming weeks, as we add to the assets library. These can be used at the following key points in the Graduate Outcomes collection cycle:

  1. 'Survey ending soon' - recommended for use from 3 weeks before the end of the survey
  2. 'Final chance' - recommended for use in the final week of surveying, the final day and final hours

​Encouraging final completions:

  • If you're a graduate who completed a #highereducation course between [insert relevant months e.g. May - July 2018], you've not got long to complete the #GraduateOutcomes survey! Check your inbox & take part! Find out more » [Add: survey deadline video 'survey ending soon'?]
  • It's the last week of the #GraduateOutcomes survey! If you completed your course between [insert relevant months e.g. May - July 2018], tell us about your life after #highereducation. Check your inbox or find out more » [Add: survey deadline video 'final chance'?]
  • ​Only [insert number of days] days left to complete the #GraduateOutcomes survey if you completed a HE course between [insert relevant months e.g. May - July 2018]. What have you been up to since #graduation? Check your inbox and take part today! Find out more »


Introduction to Graduate Outcomes promotional strategy training

Need help or ideas for using these materials? View our e-learning module which provides guidance on how to use the communications we've supplied as well as direct examples from providers.

Visit the e-learning module