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Graduate Outcomes subscription model

The cost of HESA delivering the Graduate Outcomes service will be met through subscriptions from HE providers. This reflects the centralisation of the survey operations that forms a key element of the new collection.

A chart demonstrating the Graduate Outcomes subscription rates showing how the number of graduates within the survey population of a provider will determine the total subscription.

The subscription model for Graduate Outcomes will follow the approach taken for the main HESA subscription; the subscriptions will reflect the cost of delivering the service and will be distributed across providers in an equitable way.

The Graduate Outcomes subscription will be made up of two elements, a fixed element and a variable element. The fixed element will reflect the fixed costs of the service which include things like the management of the data specification, the provider support service and the analysis and publication functions. The variable element will be specific to each institution and be driven by the number of graduates that fall within the survey population for each provider.

A timeline displaying the phases of the Graduate Outcomes subscription rates.

The subscription rates will be agreed with the HESA Board and notified to providers in July of each year. The subscription amounts for each provider will be calculated and invoiced in the following November once the total survey population is calculated from the relevant student data collection. For the 2017/18 Graduate Outcomes survey, the subscription rates will be announced in September 2018, due to the ongoing setup activity and the invoices published in November 2018. The surveying of 2017/18 graduates takes place between December 2018 and November 2019.