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Roles and responsibilities of providers

Our model of open centralisation places much of the responsibility for administering the Graduate Outcomes survey on HESA, with the support of a number of suppliers. It therefore aims to take the burden of collection away from providers.

However, providers have certain actions they need to complete to ensure we have accurate and comprehensive data. There are also further activities providers can opt to undertake.

The information set out on the following pages sets out the roles and responsibilities of providers in Graduate Outcomes and allows you to understand resourcing implications for your provider. The Graduate Outcomes record contact within each provider is accountable for all the activities listed below. We have made other roles available to support the record contact in delivering these activities.

Collecting and maintaining contact details

Submission of contact details

Analysis of data (dashboards)

Promotion of the Graduate Outcomes survey

Providers use the Graduate Outcomes provider portal to enable an easy exchange of materials and information between HESA and the provider. The provider portal allows you to:

  • Upload your logo for co-branding of the survey.
  • Supply intelligence (up-to-date and accurate contact details) about your cohort of graduates that are essential to HESA in making successful contact.
  • Add in a link to appear at the end of survey to a relevant area of your website, e.g. your careers service.
  • Select which opt-in question banks you wish to be included in the survey (there is a cost associated).
  • Access raw and final survey response data.