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Student 2023/24 (23056): Notification of changes

First published: 13-02-2023.

Updated 23-06-2023 - to include the latest changes as well as confirmation on the two previously pending changes. 

Updated 16-08-2023 - to add the EntryProfile.SOC2020 change and 2024/25 reference period dates. 

Updated 20-10-2023 - to add the FundingAndMonitoring.FUNDCOMP and ModuleInstance.MODULEOUTCOME confirmation. 

Updated 13-12-2023 - to remove 24156 and 24256 collection dates and 2024/25 reference period dates sections. Also to update the valid entry code for the INVOICEHESAID change. 

Updated 22-01-2024 - to include guidance changes for apprenticeships in StudyLocation and OffVenueActivity entities for providers in Northern Ireland.

This page summarises the changes to the Student record that will be implemented for 2023/24 (23056)

All providers

The following valid entries will be removed from the above fields as the initiatives are no longer required:

  • 001 ‘Abridged ITT Course
  • 007 ' European Social Fund (ESF) Developing Scotland's Workforce (DSW) programme '
  • 009 ‘Maths and Physics Chairs Programme’
  • 011 ‘Primary mathematics specialist’
  • 019 ‘Additional ITT place for PE with a priority subject’
  • 023 ' Industry funded place attracting additional SFC-funded place for Undergraduate Skills for Growth scheme '
  • 025 ‘Transition to Teach’
  • 032 ‘DfENI funded Taught Masters Studentships’

The following valid entry will be added to the CourseInitaitive.COURSEINITID field:

  • 035 ‘Higher Technical Qualifications’

035 is in order to assess whether the intended number of learners are being reached by HTQs and whether there are underrepresented groups or gaps in provision.

The following valid entry labels and associated guidance will be updated in CourseInitiative.COURSEINITID and StudentInitiatives.STUINITID respectively:

  • 031 ‘Artificial Intelligence and Data Science postgraduate conversion course scholarship programme’
  • 034 ‘Artificial Intelligence and Data Science postgraduate conversion course scholarship programme’

Valid entry 031 captures courses that are part of the programme.

Valid entry 034 captures students that are in receipt of scholarships funded by the programme.


Update 23-06-2023


The following valid entries were announced to be removed in the 23056 notification of changes:

001 ‘Abridged ITT Course

009 ‘Maths and Physics Chairs Programme’

011 ‘Primary mathematics specialist’

019 ‘Additional ITT place for PE with a priority subject’

025 ‘Transition to Teach’


However, these valid entries will be retained as there may still be continuing students where these initiatives are applicable until the students have finished studying. These will only be valid for continuing students.

The following valid entry will be added to the StudentInitiatives.STUINITID field:

  • 036 International relocation payment.

This is in order to allow the DfE to monitor the success and usage of the initiative.

The following valid entries will be removed from Qualification.QUALCAT:

  • D0005 ‘Studying at level D, with formal or informal credit’
  • E0005 ‘Studying at level E, with formal or informal credit’

The following valid entries will be updated in Qualification.QUALCAT

  • L0003 ‘Studying at level D or L, with formal or informal credit’
  • M0024 ‘Studying at level E or M, with formal or informal credit’

This is due to the level of granularity in the previous valid entries not being required for students studying for formal or informal credits.

The guidance for this entity will be updated so that the proportion of the course delivered by the reporting provider does not need to be returned. The minimum occurrences of the entity will be reduced to 0.

This field will be moved to the Engagement entity and become Engagement.ENGPRINONUK. The guidance has been updated to state that the full Engagement should be taken into account when returning the field. This field therefore logically sits at the Engagement level.

Update 23-06-2023

The field name will be updated to be Engagement.ENGPRINONUK.

The following guidance will be removed from the field: ‘Channel Islands and Isle of Man domiciled students should be coded as code 01 'Eligible to pay home fees’. This guidance is no longer required as guidance is the same across the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man.

The section titled ‘Incoming/Outgoing visiting and exchange students’ in the coverage of the record document will be updated to the below:
Incoming visiting and exchange students who are registered at the reporting provider must be included in the HESA Student record and flagged as incoming students in the Engagement.INCOMINGEXCHANGE field. This includes incoming and visiting exchange students who are credit and non-credit bearing.

Students on outgoing exchanges or other mobility experiences must be included in the HESA Student record throughout their studies.

This is in order to clarify that credit and non-credit bearing incoming/visiting exchange students are included where they are registered with the reporting provider.

This field will be removed from the record.

The Department for Education and Welsh Government have decided that they no longer require the TRNs to be included in the Student record from 2023/24. For providers in England these numbers already exist in Register (which providers can download from this system).

The following new valid entry will be added to this field:

9995 No fees

This should be returned where there were no fees charged for the StudentCourseSession.

The following valid entry will be added or have the label updated in the above three fields as below:

5045 Cross-council UKRI funding

This valid entry should be returned where the research council is not specified or there is cross-council funding which cannot be represented in the current coding frame.

The coverage of the StudentCourseSession.PHDSUB, StudentCourseSession.INTENDEDTHESISTITLE and QualificationAwarded.THESISTITLE fields will be updated to include this new valid entry.


A new apprenticeship standard is being developed and will be launched in September 2023. We expect that these students will be able to be identified by the return of an accreditation of GMC and an initiative of higher/degree apprenticeship. Guidance will be updated to reflect this once confirmed.

Update 23-06-2023

Medical apprenticeships should be returned as 004 (Higher/Degree apprenticeship) in the CourseInitiative.COURSEINITID or StudentInitiatives.STUINITID fields and 05901 (Accredited by the General Medical Council (GMC), this primary medical qualification entitles the holder to apply to the GMC for registration to practise medicine in the UK) in the CurriculumAccreditation.CURACCID field.

The valid entries in the EntryProfile.SOC2020 field will be updated to align with the latest valid entries specified by ONS. Further information regarding SOC2020 can be found here.

Providers in Wales

The coverage of this field will be updated to include providers in Wales. This is required to monitor the number of estranged students in higher education. The data will be used by HEFCW and Welsh Government to report against widening access plans and allow HEPs to monitor policies for supporting vulnerable students. The coverage for providers in Wales will be:

All Students at providers in Wales where EntryProfile.PERMADDCOUNTRY = XF, XG, XH, XI, XK, XL, GG, JE or IM and Qualification.QUALCAT starts with H, I, J or C or is M0002 and the Engagement.ENGSTARTDATE for the Engagement is after 2023-07-31 except where (Leaver.ENGENDDATE - Engagement.ENGSTARTDATE <= 14 days RSNENGEND = 03, 05, 11, 12).

Providers in England

The valid entries for these fields will be updated to the following in order to align with the 23053 ITT record:

  • 900000 Establishment outside England and Wales
  • 900020 Other establishment within a URN
  • 900030 Not available

A URN should continue to be returned where applicable.

The Office for Students has published plans for changes to 2023-24 student data surveys to inform funding - Changes to 2023 student data surveys to inform funding: Notification of changes - Office for Students. Included in that announcement is confirmation that FundingAndMonitoring.FUNDCOMP and ModuleInstance.MODULEOUTCOME will remain as optional fields for 2023/24 for providers in England.

Providers in Northern Ireland

Where students are undertaking an apprenticeship, the guidance for the StudyLocation and OffVenueActivity entities will be modified so that it now excludes activity at a workplace for providers in Northern Ireland.

Proposed deadlines

Data capture and collation From 1 August 2023
Online Validation Toolkit (OVT) opens January 2024
HESA Data Platform (HDP) opens TBC
Nil return confirmation 14 August 2024
Interim submission to HDP 14 August 2024
Quality assurance period 14 August 2024 to 25 October 2024
Final submission to HDP 25 October 2024
Sign-off 1 November 2024