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Logo and brand guidelines

Graduate Outcomes brand guidelines and toolkit

Please familiarise yourself with the Graduate Outcomes brand guidelines and toolkit before using materials on this page. This provides detailed information about the logo usage, colour palette and font:

Graduate Outcomes brand toolkit

Download the Graduate Outcomes brand toolkit (pdf)

Presentation for final year students

We have created a slide deck suitable for students, especially those in their final year. It consists of seven slides, including a title slide. It provides details about the survey, the importance of keeping contact details up to date and also why it's important that they complete the survey. It has been provided in English and Welsh.

As their provider, you should tell students why it’s important to you that they complete the survey. That's why we've included an area for you to articulate this on slide 4 – ‘3: What’s in it for {provider name}?’ - we have provided some suggestions to get you thinking.

There are also a number of other areas in the deck that need to be personalised before use: slide five (provider email address), slide six (how to update contact details) and slide seven (link to provider website).

We have not provided extensive notes as we hope providers will bring each slide to life with their own examples and content. We have provided a note on slide 3 - '2. What's in it for me?' as this needs a tangible example.

Other uses
You might like to use a few of these slides on digiscreens as they are impactful and contain useful information at a glance. You might also wish to share the animated video in your presentation - you can find the YouTube links on the video content page. 

Graduate Outcomes final year student presentation English What is Graduate Outcomes? What's in it for me? What's in it for {provider name}?
When and how will you be sent the survey? Keep your contact details up to date Learn more about the Graduate Outcomes survey  

Slide deck: Final year student presentation PPT (English) 
Slide deck: Final year student presentation PPT (Welsh)

Updated 23.04.24: slide 2 updated to show 850k graduates surveyed each year (previously 750k)

‘One-pager’ PowerPoint slide

Graduate Outcomes one pager slide pink

This versatile ‘one-pager’ PowerPoint slide can be slotted into graduation ceremony speeches,  used on digiscreens or anywhere you want to quickly convey the essence of Graduate Outcomes. It’s available in English and Welsh and comes in four colourways / headline messages.

We’ve provided the PowerPoint file, PDF and individual JPEGs. These are not recommended for use on social media.

Download ‘one-pager’ PowerPoint slide – English

Download ‘one-pager’ PowerPoint slide – Welsh



Our primary logo is the refined and simplified personification of our brand. As such the integrity of the logo is paramount and the way it is used should remain consistent across all content and communications of our brand.

We have also supplied reversed out variants but this should only be used when it appears on dark backgrounds. If you're not sure which logo to use, please contact [email protected].

Graduate Outcomes logo - English, white text, black border

PRIMARY logo - English


Graduate Outcomes logo - English, black text, white border

Reversed out English version for dark backgrounds only

Graduate Outcomes primary logo - Welsh, white text, black border

PRIMARY logo - Welsh

Graduate Outcomes logo - Welsh, black text, white border

Reversed out Welsh version for dark backgrounds only

Logo suite

The Logo suite includes the logos above plus a dual-language version in multiple formats (*.eps, *.png, *.jpg) in both web and print-ready resolutions:

Download the Graduate Outcomes logo suite (.zip)