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Logo, brand guidelines and presentation materials

'About Graduate Outcomes' presentation

We have created an engaging slide deck in the Graduate Outcomes look and feel to support you with raising awareness of the survey internally. This provides an overview of Graduate Outcomes, the journey we’ve been on and acts as an ideal introduction to the survey.

Slide deck: About Graduate Outcomes

Video - an overview of Graduate Outcomes

We have produced a video to support you with raising awareness of the Graduate Outcomes survey internally. It provides an overview of Graduate Outcomes and acts as an ideal introduction to the survey. We also have a suite of animated videos that you could use internally or on social media. 


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Graduate Outcomes brand guidelines

Please familiarise yourself with the Graduate Outcomes brand guidelines before using materials on this page. This provides detailed information about the logo usage, colour palette and font.

Read the Graduate Outcomes brand guidelines

Graduate Outcomes survey

The Graduate Outcomes logo captures several key concepts that underpin the survey: progress/forward momentum, voice and data.

The logo is available in English, Welsh and a combined version (to save the logo, click on the button below, right-click on the image that appears and select 'Save image as'):

Graduate Outcomes logo - English

Graduate Outcomes logo - Welsh

Graduate Outcomes logo - English / Welsh combined

Logo packs

The English and Welsh primary version of the logo is available in a variety of formats (*.ai, *.eps, *.png, *.jpg, and *.pdf); in colour, grayscale and monochrome; and in both web and print-ready resolutions.
Download the Graduate Outcomes (primary version) logo pack (*.zip, 34 MB)

You can download the secondary logo (with the symbol above the type), and the isolated symbol and isolated type (*.zip, 73 MB).

We have also created combined English / Welsh versions of the logo in the primary and secondary formats. This includes various versions with the Welsh in different positions to be consistent with standard practice.
Download the combined Welsh / English logo pack