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Analysis of data (dashboards)

Providers are able to monitor their graduates’ responses to the survey through a number of dashboards in the Graduate Outcomes provider portal that update on a daily basis (overnight). 

Dashboards present general or anonymised data for the purposes of review and internal planning. These dashboards display:

  • Provider response rate information by level of qualification and by subject (JACS).
  • Sector response rate information by level of qualification and by subject (JACS).
  • Raw survey results data.
  • Occupational classification information, including the graduate’s job title, job duties and the SOC code that our suplier has assigned.
  • Industrial classification information, including the employer’s name, employer’s activity and the SIC code assigned.

We have provided guidance on the use of raw survey data from the provider portal. 

Data usage and sharing

The information and data in the dashboards can be used for whatever strategic or operational requirements it is needed for. Providers should be careful to limit external publication of the data received until after HESA has published its first statistical release (view HESA's upcoming releases). 

We recognise there are legitimate uses for destinations data that might necessitate release to third parties in advance of our publication of the Statistical Bulletin. We do not impose formal restrictions on this, but providers should consider carefully whether early release is required for any given purpose. One-off releases in response to requests by official bodies are likely to be low-risk in terms of compliance with Official Statistics protocols. However, wholesale publication of data by large numbers of HE providers (such as in response to a mass-request from the press) is likely to generate conflict with Official Statistics protocols and could lead to the imposition of tighter controls. Read HESA's guidance note on use of final provider survey data. This includes guidance on the embargo of this data prior to statistical release.

Complaints process

Complaints about coding (e.g. SOC or SIC coding) will only be investigated where systematic problems are found. Complaints about individual codes will not be investigated. We have provided more information about this process on our data classification page.

Release of full dataset

In addition to the dashboards, we will supply the quality assured dataset for each provider in the spring following the end of the collection.