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Aggregate Offshore record (AOR) review project mandate and steering group

Our project mandate document provides the background and requirements for the major review to the collection:

HESA review of transnational higher education data: Project Mandate (pdf)

AOR review group

The purpose of the review group is to:

  1. To review the collection of the UK’s Transnational Higher Education data from higher education providers, working with institutions, data users and HESA colleagues in particular.
  2. To consult with the sector on proposals for change.
  3. To make recommendations for change and implement updates ready for 2025/26.
  4. The review should seek to answer the following questions:
  • What are the main intended uses of more detailed TNE data? What published form(s) should it take?
  • What measures should we take to reduce or avoid duplication between the AOR and other data collections about TNE?
  • What data do we now require about TNE and is there sufficient justification for collecting it?
  • What concepts (if any) need to be developed to help make better sense of TNE?
  • What is the most appropriate collection mechanism for the required data?
  • What are the benefits and obstacles of an individualised approach to collecting TNE data?

Membership will be:

  • Collections Development Manager (will act as Chair)
  • Collections Development Analyst
  • Department for Education
  • Department for the Economy, Northern Ireland
  • General Medical Council
  • Higher Education Funding Council for Wales
  • Office for Students
  • Scottish Funding Council
  • Scottish Government
  • Welsh Government
  • Other attendees to be invited on a as necessary basis

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