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Staff major review

We are launching a major review of the Staff record to ensure the data is fit for purpose. 

The Staff record has not been subject to a major review since 2012/13 although there have been significant changes to aspects of the record, including coverage and personal characteristics in the intervening period. Undertaking a major, policy-led, review of the record will ensure that the data we collect meets the ongoing needs of our customers and the sector. 


2015: Atypical non-academic staff removed from the coverage of the record. 

2017: Following consultation, coverage updated to remove members of staff working for a provider through an intermediary, such as a personal service company, where the provider will be liable for secondary Class 1 national insurance contributions. 
Governor data became a requirement for all providers to return. 

2018: Research Excellence Framework (REF) data first collected in the record. 

2019: Coverage updated to reflect the return of non-academic staff as optional for English providers on the register in the Approved (fee cap) category with the OfS. 
Subject coding changed from JACS to HECoS.  

2022: Personal characteristic and equality data updated, following consultation.

Areas for review 

We will start with an evidence gathering consultation on the high level themes of a Staff record. The themes so far include:

  1. Coverage of the HESA Staff record
  2. Staff activities and employment functions
  3. Careers in higher education
  4. Staff demographics

We will use the consultation outcomes, together with any requirements defined by HESA’s statutory customers, to deliver a detailed set of proposals to update or replace the Staff record.

We will invite further feedback and consultation on these proposals in 2024. This will be for changes made to the 2025/26 collection. 


August - September 2023: Staff major review: evidence gather survey (closing date Friday 13 October 2023)

April - May 2024: Second consultation on more detailed specification (open for 6 weeks)

Autumn 2024: Publish notification of changes for 2025/26

We appreciate that the timing of the first consultation is not ideal for providers as this will conflict with the submission of the 2022/23 Staff record. This first consultation will unfortunately not be drafted in time to release any earlier. We could delay the consultation until after the 2022/23 Staff submission, but this will push all the other deadlines back meaning providers would not have sufficient time to make the changes ready for collection in 2025/26.