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Incorporating the ITT record into the 2024/25 Student record

This consultation is now closed: thank you for your responses


The Initial Teacher Training (ITT) record will be moving to join the main Student record from 2024/25. The requirements for data collection of students on teacher training courses (leading to Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)) won’t be changing – though in some cases reduced – but will require expanding the Student record to accommodate data items that are currently collected in the ITT record. There are a few things we need to consider as part of the amalgamation and we would like to seek providers’ views on the best way to implement them.

The ITT record has collected data which “includes DfE-funded flexible provision, but excludes students on Inset courses as these are not counted as ITT, and students studying for a Masters in Teaching and Learning who already hold QTS” which is used by the Department for Education’s (DfE) register trainee teachers (Register) service.

Teacher training students are already within coverage for the Student record which collects data on “all students registered at the reporting provider who are attending a course that leads to the award of a higher education qualification or higher education-level credit”. The DfE already receive a delivery of data from the Student record but as this delivery comes after the academic year end, it has been too late to use for census and funding purposes and in the allocation of Teacher Reference Numbers (TRNs). Getting an earlier cut of data allows for trainees to receive their QTS awards in time, so they can be eligible for jobs in state schools as soon as they have been awarded.

2024/25 will be the first in-year data collection which will allow these functions to be done via the main Student record, and this is the primary reason for combining the ITT and Student records together. Ending the separate collection of these two datasets has the additional benefit of reducing burden for those submitting, collecting and using the data across providers, HESA and the DfE.

The proposals set out the combined data model, changes to the TRN allocation process, signing off process and use of ITT data and how that could be managed once the records are combined.

The data model proposals are almost complete and we would just like to check with providers that nothing obvious has been missed. Most of the HDP or process changes are still in the early stages of a proposal and therefore we are only seeking high level views at present. We will be working through the requirements over the next year and will seek further views from providers when we have more information.

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