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Promotional items

Editorial content

Including content about Graduate Outcomes in your existing student / graduate facing marketing materials will establish brand awareness and demonstrates the importance of the survey to these audiences.

We have created some sample editorial spreads about Graduate Outcomes for inclusion in printed or digital magazines. This could include your prospectus or alumni magazines.

There are two designs based on two sizes:

  • Single page editorial – this highlights the key messages and the website
  • Double page spread – this explores more detail about the survey 

These are available in English and Welsh and in Adobe Indesign (*.indd and *.idml), *jpg and *.pdf formats. There is one version of each design that displays the Graduate Outcomes logo and a second version which is co-brandable, which allows space for placement of your own logo. 

The artwork is designed in A5 format (w 148mm x h 210mm) and a designer with access to the  Adobe Creative suite will be able to adjust and scale the artwork using Adobe InDesign. For those that wish to just use the artwork as-is, we have supplied jpg files. The .png and .pdf files are suitable for digital promotion only as these are saved at a lower screen resolution than the files for print.

Please ensure the artwork is resized to your required specification before printing. For the double page spread, it’s vital that you ensure the pages are placed into the artwork in the correct order. 

Single page editorial spread

Double page editorial spread

Download single page editorial spread (*zip, 6.5MB) Download double page editorial spread (*zip, 38MB)

Please note, due to an error to the welsh translation, the files were updated in August 2020. If you have previously downloaded and used the welsh artwork files, please use the updated versions above.

Roller banners

Events such as graduation ceremonies provide an engaging opportunity to capture contact details and establish some brand awareness of Graduate Outcomes. Using roller banners is a quick and cost-effective way of doing this so we’ve created two standard sized single roller banner templates for you to use.

We are making these available in *.indd and *.pdf format, to allow you to customise them regardless of the software you have access to. Original artwork in Adobe InDesign *indd format is included in these zip files, should you wish to develop your own concepts. Each design is available in both English and Welsh. As printers vary, please ensure the artwork is sized to the required specification before printing.

Roller banner design 1: About Graduate Outcomes

Roller banner design 2: speech bubbles

Download roller banner design 1 (*zip, 1 MB)

Download roller banner design 2 (*zip, 1 MB)

Promotional items

We have developed a number of promotional concepts. Two appeal to different motivations graduates might have for completing the survey and one provides information about the survey. We anticipate you will use whichever designs you feel will resonate best with your graduates.

For each concept, we have produced digiscreen slides (at 16:9 and 4:3), and social media graphics - although these are flexible enough to be put to other purposes. We are making these available in *.ai, *.pdf and *.jpg format, to allow you to customise them regardless of the software you have access to. Original artwork in Adobe Illustrator *ai format is included in these zip files, should you wish to develop your own promotional concepts.

Each design is available in both English and Welsh.

Your future shapes our future

Promotional design 2: Your future shapes our future

This design focuses on graduate's loyalty to their provider as a reason to encourage engagement with the survey.

Download your future shapes our future  (*.zip, 16.3 MB)

You did, we did

Promotional design 3: You did, we did

This design play on the familiar 'You said, we did' slogan to emphasise how information about graduates' post-study activities can help improve the student experience for future generations. There is no version of this design that can be used as is; you would have to customise it with your own you did/we did statements which you could do in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat, or in PowerPoint using the hi-res jpg we have supplied.

Download you did, we did (*.zip, 21.9 MB)

About Graduate Outcomes

Concept 4: About Graduate Outcomes

We have deliberately produced three designs that are high-level and eye-catching - that raise awareness of Graduate Outcomes, but don't provide significant detail. The fourth design supplements the others by providing key information about the Graduate Outcomes survey.

One version of the design gives the web address which points to the graduate-focused website with information about the survey on it. The other version of the design leaves this box blank to allow you to add your own call to action.

Download about Graduate Outcomes (*.zip, 30 MB)

Email template and draft email

We have developed a co-brandable, html email template should you wish to use this to promote the survey and encourage graduates to check their contact details at the suggested points. This template can be imported into a range of mail clients.

Example of  html email template

To recreate this design using MailChimp, download the original Package icon design files and follow these design guidelines.

We have also produced a draft email template (in Microsoft Word format) that providers can use as part of the suggested graduate contact plan. This can be used to encourage graduates to update their contact details and as a "warm up" email one/two weeks before the start of the contact period. Simply customise it to your needs. The important part of this activity is to make the graduate aware that they will receive a survey invitation email shortly and to include the Graduate Outcomes logo to raise brand awareness. This is now available in Welsh.

Draft email template - English (Word version)          Draft email template - Welsh (Word version)

You may also wish to review the pre-notification (warm up) email invitation that HESA is sending to cohort D graduates. This will be sent prior to the start of the contact period to provide key information about the survey and lets them know that they’ll receive their unique survey link in early September. This will be complemented by providers' own warm up activity as outlined in the suggested graduate contact plan. More information on our graduate facing survey communications can be found on our Operational survey information page.

Pre-notification email - English          Pre-notification email - Welsh

Introduction to Graduate Outcomes promotional strategy training

Need help or ideas for using these materials? View our e-learning module which provides guidance on how to use the communications we've supplied as well as direct examples from providers.

Visit the e-learning module