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DLHE 2016/17: Notification of changes

This document summarises the changes made to the DLHE record that will be implemented in the 2016/17 collection (C16018).

JACS Coding

  • General subject codes that are available in the Student Record such as A000, B000, X000, M000 etc, will now be included in the DLHE record.


  • Valid entry 03 will now include the example of PGDE to represent Scottish teaching qualifications. This will read: 'Postgradute diploma or certificate (including PGCE/PGDE)' 
  • This is now a compulsory question

NHS Employment Marker

  • The NHS employment marker question is being re-added for C16018 as Q14. This question was previously included in C10018. The same question format used in C10018 will be used again for C16018: "Is this organisation part of the NHS? <Yes> <No> <Don't Know>". As a result of this change all subsequent questions will be re-numbered.

Q26 - Census Date

  • The Census date has been added to Q26 to provide further clarity: "What is the name of the course you were registered on [CENSUS DATE] (e.g. MSc in Interactive Media)?"